WWTS Finalist Diana Quincy & Seducing Charlotte

Diana Quincy is our 9th finalist from the WRITING WITH THE STARS contest. If you haven’t voted for your favorite yet, be sure to pop over to RT BookReviews and weigh in on who you’d like to see advance to the next round.

Welcome to my blog, Diana.

Seducing Charlotte

Website: http://www.dianaquincy.blogspot.com

Thanks for letting me visit, Mia.

I am beyond thrilled to be part of this talented group of finalists in the “Writing with the Stars” contest. Although I have to admit that my nerves are already shot. And this is just the first round! But seriously, every moment I am a part of this competition is a privilege.

Writing is a true passion that actually took me by surprise. I guess you could say I came to it late, after a career in television news – (not as glamorous as you’d think considering all the nights, weekends, early mornings and holidays that are part of the package.)

These days, there’s nothing like settling in front of my laptop in a quiet house and letting my mind wander as it takes my characters on their tortured journey to true love. Getting lost in the story actually calms my mind.

Sure it’s a challenge to carve out time to write between work and the children’s studies and activities. But I do because writing fulfills me unlike anything else I’ve tackled before. The challenge of crafting a nuanced plot and developing rich, multi-dimensional characters is what ultimately makes writing romance so rewarding for me.

Of course, I’m passionate about my real-life romantic hero husband (of fourteen years) and our two wonderful boys.

Oh, as to other passions: the Washington Redskins (hope springs eternal), white rice and the all-too-rare girls’ day out with my amazing friend and ‘alpha reader’ Megann, who has never doubted that I would one day be published.

Diana’s Bio: Diana loves writing historical romance – in part because it gives her an excuse to avoid doing the laundry. She has a real job as a Web Editor for an international news organization based in Washington, D.C. However, she is most content far from reality – in front of her laptop – conjuring up stories which will always have happy endings.

Seducing Charlotte Excerpt:

She looked around, sipping her lemonade. “This is a secluded spot.”

“Yes, I selected it quite on purpose,” Cam took Charlotte’s glass from her and carefully placed it on a level spot so it would not topple.

She shot him a wry look. “And why is that?”

He marveled at the way the sun illuminated her sky-colored eyes. “I will not bother to dissemble, Miss Livingston.” He tugged her around the massive tree trunk, out of the sight of the other guests. “I hope to steal another kiss. Actually, I have thought of little else since our last one. Will you allow it?”

Charlotte flushed, her luminous gaze floating beyond him. “Really Camryn, if you ask for permission, it hardly qualifies as stealing a kiss.”

Blood surged to Cam’s vitals when it registered she had just told him to take what he wanted. Shaking his head, he wondered at his unfathomable passion for her. It had been an agonizing week since he’d first felt her lips beneath his. Now, finally offered the opportunity, Cam grasped it.

Cupping Charlotte’s cheeks, he kissed one side of her mouth and then the other. He intensified his actions, pressing down on her lips, bidding her to open them to him as she had once before. When she did, he kissed her as thoroughly as he had ever kissed a woman. He licked and plunged his tongue deeper, mating with hers, greedy for more. Losing himself in her subtle floral scent, he tasted the tartness of lemonade and the honey of a woman’s softness. Sweet and sour. He smiled against her mouth.

Why was he not surprised?

She pulled back in a breathless haze, eyes glittering, her cheeks a delightful shade of red. “When I said you had a clever tongue, my lord, I truly had no idea.”

Diana’s Brava mentor is historical author Mary Wine. Her latest release, HIGHLAND HELLCAT is available now! Check it out at her lovely website http://www.marywine.com.

Diana shared that she writes because the creative process fulfills her. We women pour ourselves into our families and our careers. What do you do to fill YOUR cup?

12 thoughts on “WWTS Finalist Diana Quincy & Seducing Charlotte

  1. Diana Quincy says:

    And less calories than ice cream!br /br /Jen, br /br /I agree with Mia#39;s interesting observation about the parallel between my story and the impact of technology today. br /br /I just came through a similar professional situation. Long-time employees were let go because it was determined they could not make the transition to the new technology coming into the work place. While it was exciting to learn the new technology, it was extraordinarily sad to see talented, dedicated professionals left without work through no fault of their own. br /br /I tried to capture a little of that flavor in Seducing Charlotte. br /br /Thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments. I think my Mother has been visiting Mia#39;s blog today!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I#39;m with you. Reading a good romance is better than a pint of Ben and Jerry#39;s!

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Diana,br /br /My vote is with you! br /br /Like Cara, I love the backdrop of your story. The Luddite Movement is fascinating and as Mia pointed out, the parallels with the impact of technology today abound. Even though today#39;s problems are bloodless, the effects to those impacted are devastating. br /br /Yet, what I can#39;t wait to read more about, is the romance between Cam and Charlotte. Hopefully it will be on a bookshelf soon (of course you could always add more of the story online!) Reading historical romances is my way of briefly escaping and de-stressing from today#39;s problems.br /br /Again, best of luck.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Diana Quincy,br /br /My professional opinion is that you have a great talent. After reading straight through the first chapter I was instantly hooked. I want to know what else is going to happen to the characters. I hope you go very far in the competition and am looking forward to reading more the competition progresses. br /br /May you have the best of luck!

  5. Diana Quincy says:

    Mia,br /br /Thanks for the opportunity. So nice of you to feature us on your blog!br /br /As to the Luddites, some of the brutality you refer to is referenced in Seducing Charlotte but most of that action happens off page.br /br /However, both Cam and Charlotte are deeply impacted by the actions of the machine breakers and it has devastating consequences for their love story.

  6. MiaMarlowe says:

    Pam–I#39;m so glad you discovered my blog. Hope you#39;ll drop by often.

  7. MiaMarlowe says:

    Oops! Like Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost, I quot;signed the wrong name.quot; The hazard of more than one pen name, I guess.

  8. EmilyBryan says:

    Cara–The crackdown on the Luddites who vandalized the machines was pretty brutal as I recall. The time period raises some interesting parallels with emerging technology today that eliminates some jobs while opening up others.

  9. Diana Quincy says:

    Pam,br /br /Thanks for stopping by the blog today. br /br /Believe it or not, I just started reading historical romance about three years ago. I was instantly hooked. I loved the drama and, of course, the romance but I also enjoyed reading about another time in history.br /br /It#39;s not only fascinating but what a fun way to learn!

  10. Diana Quincy says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Cara!br /br /I#39;m so glad you#39;re interested in the story. I love history and was fascinated to learn about the Luddites. I thought setting Cam and Charlotte#39;s love story against the backdrop of the dawning industrial revolution would create great conflict. br /br /For those who don#39;t know, the Luddites were a group of people who lost their jobs to new steam-powered machines. They broke into factories at night to destroy the machines that had deprived them of a way to support their families.br /br /Of course, the romance is the main event, but the backdrop helps heighten the drama!

  11. Pam says:

    Hi Diana,br /br /I have only recently been reading romance novels and just happened upon Mia#39;s blog. I have found the links to the contest and all the entries extremely entertaining. After reading about you, I can#39;t help wondering how you jumped from the nitty-gritty of a newsroom to romance writer. Have you always been a romance reader? How did you get started?

  12. Cara says:

    Hi Diana,br /br /I just read your contest entry for Writing With the Stars and checked out your website. I#39;m so excited to read a book set in the midst of the Luddite Movement. I think it is a fascinating period in history. I can#39;t wait to read the whole novel. Best of luck in the contest. You have my vote!

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