Writing with the Stars

I’ve often said how important contests are in helping a writer make the transition from unpublished to under contract. Right now there’s a terrific contest being offered from Kensington Publishing. It’s called Writing with the Stars! In this contest, the top 10 contestants will be matched up with a Brava author for mentoring through the final online judging. (Even though I’m a Brava author now–be sure to check out my author page!– I’m too new to be a mentor. Maybe next year!) The contest is limited to the first 500 entries so be sure to have your completed manuscript ready to go on July 1st.

This contest has been responsible for launching several writers’ careers: Lori Foster, Sylvia Day and Jacqueline Frank to name a few. The grand prize is a publishing contract.

For the details, please visit http://www.bravaauthors.com/contest/brava-contest. Brava encompasses contemporary, paranormal and historical. The common element is the sensuality level. This is a very sensual line, so be sure your story premise lends itself to a hot relationship between your hero and heroine.

Good luck!

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