Writing with the Stars--Part Deux

Today my guest is Alannah Lynn, another finalist in Kensington’s WRITING WITH THE STARS contest. She’s partnered up with Helen Kay Dimon for mentoring during the judging segment of this contest whose brass ring is a publishing contract!

Take it away, Alannah.


“Want to”

Even if you’re not a NASCAR fan, I’m guessing you’ve at least heard of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Although I would never refer to him as “Oh-wise-one,” he said something once that really resonated with me. A comment that was hugely responsible for me getting LAST CALL written, and entered into the Writing With the Stars Competition.

In talking about an older driver, who still races competitively, Jr. said, “He’s so good because he wakes up every morning and still wants to.” Dale Jr. said, as he got older, he hoped he still had as much “want to” as that older driver. He went on to say that pretty much everything in life comes down to: How much do you want to?

When I made the decision to enter the Writing With the Stars Competition, I never would have believed life could throw so much “stuff” at me at one time. Every day, it seemed like there were a hundred great reasons to NOT write.

And every day, I thought of Dale Jr. and his comments. How badly did I want to enter the Brava contest? The answer: So badly I refused to let anything stand in my way.

It was a great lesson, and I learned a tremendous amount of discipline during the seven weeks it took to write LAST CALL. I’m happy to say the payoff was well worth every bit of the sacrifice! ;=)

How about you? Is there anything you “want to” or have “wanted to” so badly you were willing to go to just about any lengths to make it happen?


I’ve been writing for five years, and am published with Samhain Publishing and The Wild Rose Press. Along with my contemporary and erotic romances, I’m currently working on a romantic suspense series.

Websites: www.alannahlynne.com , http://www.alannahlynne.blogspot.com http://www.twitter.com/alannahlynne , http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524925550

Excerpt from LAST CALL:

“I’m looking for A. L. Black.”

Sunny narrowed her eyes on him like he was a bug that needed squashed. “Why?”

He took a step closer. “I work for Holden Enterprises. We…Max Holden is interested in buying this property. All of his phone calls have gone unreturned, so he sent me to find the owner.”

In the blink of an eye, her demeanor shifted from guarded to combative. Her pupils narrowed to pinpoints. Her lips compressed around the sucker stick, and the rapid rise and fall of her chest had him a concerned she might hyperventilate.

In response to her anger, Gavin’s heart rate picked up, and sweat broke out on his forehead. He didn’t like upsetting Sunny. But her fiery passion, even in the form of anger, cranked his libido into orbit.

“The property isn’t for sale.”

He really wanted to loosen his tie, but that would send a clear signal he was hot and bothered, and it was imperative he gave nothing away. “Mr. Holden is willing to pay a generous sum. More than enough for…” He hesitated, wanting to refer to A.L. as “mister,” but knowing in his gut, he was staring straight into Ms. Black’s gunmetal gray eyes. “The amount would be more than enough to purchase another building, and move the bar to that location.”

Sunny stepped down to the floor and stalked toward him, stopping only when they were toe to toe. Her head barely reached his neck, so she had to crane her neck back to look him in the eye.

But the size difference didn’t matter to her.

She threw her shoulders back, and glared with unyielding determination. “You can tell Mr. Holden this property isn’t, nor will it ever be, for sale. Regardless of his generous amount.”


Thanks for sharing with us today, Alannah. Good luck in the contest.

Helen Kay Dimon, Alannah’s Brava mentor. is no stranger to helping other writers. She was named RWA Pro Mentor of the Year at the National Convention last summer. Check out her contemporary romance at www.helenkaydimon.com  . IMPULSIVE is a November release!

Alannah asked a great question. When did sheer “want to” get you through a tough spot?

12 thoughts on “Writing with the Stars–Part Deux

  1. Alannah Lynne says:

    Leslie Kelly#39;s husband, Bruce, posted a list of all the creative meals they eat when Les is on a deadline. Maybe I should#39;ve copied that list to make things easier for my family. :) br /br /Thanks again!!

  2. MiaMarlowe says:

    My pleasure, Alannah. Good luck and keep writing! Oh, and high marks to your family for creative use of hotdogs! Better tell them to get used to it. :-)

  3. Alannah Lynne says:

    Hi LaVerne!!br /br /Thanks for dropping by and visiting with me. Who#39;s your favorite driver?br /br /br /Mia – thanks for letting me visit with you today. I appreciate you giving us the floor. :) And thanks for the encouraging words. It means a lot!

  4. MiaMarlowe says:

    Hi Everybody! Sorry I haven#39;t popped in sooner. I was out of town today. br /br /This quot;want toquot; is going to serve you well when you sell and have a deadline to meet. Editors appreciate the professionalism of delivering a clean manuscript on time.

  5. LaVerne Thompson says:

    Hi Alannah- I love NASCAR. LOL! Great post and excerpt. Gonna have to check this one out.br /br /LaVerne

  6. Alannah Lynne says:

    Hi Diva Evangeline! It#39;s so nice to see you here! :) br /br /Congratulations on getting your chapter written and entered! It sounds like you definitely had the quot;want toquot; to keep pushing through to get if finished!! br /br /Way to go!!! *v* lt;—-my cheerleader! LOL

  7. Alannah Lynne says:

    Hmmm….Wonder where my reply went. OK…take 2br /br /Hi Dale!!br /br /It was a lot of long days, sleepless night, and skipped meals. My family got very creative when it came to fixing their own dinners. One night, they cooked hot dogs, cut them in half, halved them again, then laid them out on hamburger buns. LOL br /br /I think they would prefer I not do that again. br /br /And congrats to you on being a finalist. I meant to come back here yesterday and comment and got wrapped up in my to-do list and forgot. Your excerpt was great! I#39;m very intrigued. :) br /br /Thanks for visiting with me!

  8. Evangeline Holland says:

    This is very inspiring for me! I can say that my experience with wanting something and tackling odds to accomplish it happened with the New Voices contest! I not only had difficulty coming up with a credible plot that fit the Harlequin Historical line, but when I finally created one I really loved, it felt like I was pulling teeth to even write it! But I pushed beyond this feeling and wrote my 18 page chapter in three days, and then submitted it to the contest with a few days to spare until the end date! br /br /Congrats in becoming a finalist in the Brava contest!

  9. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Alannah, that#39;s a great post! Seven weeks to write last call is fabulous. I can do a first draft in that time, but not a finished draft. Good for you!br /br /Dale

  10. Alannah Lynne says:

    Hi Katie!!br /br /Thanks. And by all means, steal it. I did. LOL

  11. KatieO says:

    Great post, Alannah! Love your motivational quote – I need a little more quot;Want Toquot; in my writing routine! I may steal that for my new mantra.br /br /Good luck in the contest!br /KatieO

  12. Alannah Lynne says:

    Hi Mia!br /br /Thanks for having me as a guest!!

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