Writing with the Stars!

Since I’m fresh out of Red Pencil Thursday volunteers, I thought I’d remind you about the fabulous Writing with the Stars contest. I want to see some terrific new stories sent in to Kensington, my publisher. My motives are far from pure. I’m hoping to be a Brava mentor assigned to one of the 8 finalists.

Aspiring authors, get ready for your moment in the spotlight as the author of your own Brava novella! RT Book Reviews and Brava books, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp., are holding the second annual Writing With the Stars contest.

The Rules:

  1. Entries will be accepted July 1st , 12am EST, through August 22nd, 11:59 EST.
  2. Only the first 500 entries will be eligible.
  3. This contest is open to unpublished authors. For the purposes of the contest, “unpublished” means authors who have not been published IN ANY FORMAT. Authors who have only self-published are eligible; however, the manuscript you are submitting must be brand new material, never before published.
  4. Due to varying contest laws, the contest is only open to authors in the US and Canada. Entries must be in English.
  5. Entries must be Brava-level heat. Inspirational or “sweet” romances will be disqualified. (If in doubt, read Touch of a Thief or Improper Gentlemen for a sense of the sensuality level expected.)
  6. Entries can be any genre of romance other than inspirational.
  7. Entries must be novella-length, 20,000-30,000 words. Please use the Word Count feature in your document program to calculate this.
  8. You must send THE FULL MANUSCRIPT as your entry. We are not interested in seeing partials of manuscripts that are incomplete.
  9. Your entry must be sent to us exclusively. Manuscripts that have won previous contests are fine, but please do not send projects that are currently out with other publishers. If your manuscript is out with agents, please let them know they cannot submit it to other publishers until finalists are announced.
  10. Your entry must have your name, address, phone number, and email address. PLEASE ADD THIS INFO TO THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR ENTRY. This information will only be used to contact you if you are a finalist. Please also include the genre you are targeting.
  11. ONE ENTRY PER AUTHOR. Subsequent entries will be deleted.
  12. Your entry must be submitted via email to marketing@kensingtonbooks.com with “Brava contest” in the subject line. Word doc or rtf format. Snail mail entries will not be considered. Manuscripts sent directly to Brava editors will not be considered.
  13. Only the top 8 finalists will be notified. Finalists will be announced Sept 26th. If you have not heard from us by Sept 26th, you are not a finalist, and are free to submit your manuscript elsewhere.
  14. Finalists agree to having their headshot and bio publicized by RT. Please do not enter if you are not comfortable with this requirement.

To Enter:

E-mail your complete manuscript to:

To: Marketing@KensingtonBooks.com

  • Put “Brava contest” in the subject line.

Happy Writing and Good luck!

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