Women's History

Every history class I’ve ever taken was all about wars and politics and famous people. Don’t get me wrong. Those things are important. And they provide a rich backdrop for any novel, a broad canvas on which to create a story. But the history that grabs me, that makes me keep turning pages is the study of how people actually lived.

How did they get from here to there? Heat their homes? Educate their children?

I love to explore a period house. I can wander through art museums for hours, studying the portraits for costume details. Fashion, food, home decor and how it impacted the way people interacted with each other is something you’ll never find in a typical history class. Changes in religious views and practice, scientific and psychological thought, the impact of art music and literature also receives short shrift in most studies of history. How people viewed the world and their place in it during different time periods fascinates me.

To me, those things constitute women’s history, all the nameless women through time who’ve determined how their family would be clothed, fed, educated and loved. So those are things I hope to explore on this blog.

This is more than a hobby for me. I use what I uncover in my research for the historical romance manuscripts I write.

Hope you’ll enjoy the trip through history with me. I have no particular time period that I enjoy exploring exclusively. I’d love to hear from you! What period of history do you enjoy? What time is your favorite for a backdrop for a novel?

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