Why don't you come up and see me sometime?

As promised, here’s a pic of me as Mae West for the Sultry Sirens through History Mixer here at RT. I’m not thinking of going blonde anytime soon, though I did have a lot of fun. If you’d like to see more shots from the event, please visit my Facebook page.

Victoria Alexander was one of the other participants. She holds a special place in my heart, not only because her books are fabulous and she’s one of a handful of authors who makes me forget I’m a writer too, but because she gave me such a fabulous cover quote for Touch of a Thief. She was so excited to see that the book received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. “I loved the story,” she told me. “But it’s nice to see my opinion validated.”

If you’d been there last night, you’d have also found Sahara Kelly, Sabrina Jeffries, Heather Graham, Gennella DeGrey, Kristi Cook, Renee Bernard, Zoe Archer, Sharon Page, Amanda McIntyre, Kieran Kramer, Sally MacKenzie and Bobbi Smith.

Speaking of Bobbi, she’s my roommate for this adventure and she had an embarrassing little adventure of her own the other day. We were in the Subway shop here at the hotel and she saw a tall fellow with long blond hair. She thought he was Mark Johnson, a former cover model and long time RT entertainer and MC, so she walked up to him, gave him a punch on the shoulder and said, “I just wanted to hit on ya.”

The man turned around and to Bobbi’s dismay, it was NOT Mark. Fortunately, he was very nice about the mistake (though his wife looked less forgiving about it!).

Today will be another full one. I’m moderating an agent panel and going to dinner with the folks from Sourcebooks, my new publisher for the collaborative books with Connie Mason. I used to think I needed to schedule every bit of my day when I attended these conferences. Now I’m finding chance meetings and networking in the halls with industry professionals are just as important as sitting in workshops.

But I still love a good meaty writing craft workshop, though. Writing is such an ocean. I’m still just dabbling my toes in the shallows.

2 thoughts on “Why don’t you come up and see me sometime?

  1. Marcy W says:

    So, do blondes really have more fun??!! Looks like you were ready to party! And I’d love to know what your DH thinks of that outfit … will he want you to hang on to it? :-)
    Now, Miss Victoria is not only a grand writer, but she sure knows a fabulous hat when she sees one! Such fun you all are having! Thanks for sharing …

  2. Nynke says:

    Ooh, wow! It’s fun to see you with very different hair and an outfit like that! :)
    Nice to see some of the faces that go with the names as well… and it really sounds like a whirlwind of a convention!

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