Where in the World is Mia Today?

Sins of the Highlander

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Yes, Dr. Nynke, the answer is Boston. (Those of you who are regular commenters and visitors to my blog will recognize Nynke, but now we need to put a Dr. in front of her name. ;-) I’m so proud of her!) So yes, if you want to be technical, I’m in Boston, looking out at a gray sky and a gray river cuddled up with two dogs in my writing chair. But in terms of cyber-space, I’m in several places at once.

First of all, I’m at Reading Between the Wines. It’s a really fun blog I’d never visited before. I think you’ll enjoy it. And of course, Sourcebooks is offering 2 chances to win SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER there.

I’m also supposed to be at NightOwl Romance. Last time I checked the post wasn’t up yet, but they may be on the west coast. I’m sure it’ll be there soon. Again, my publisher is offering a giveaway.

MaidensongThought I’d also give those of you who visit me here a little heads up about what I’m currently working on. I just finished Waking Up with a Rake and the manuscript is in the capable hands of my beloved beta reader, Marcy. Before I begin Romanced by a Rake, the second book in The Royal Rakes series, I’m taking a little time to revisit a story that’s dear to my heart. It’s Maidensong.

This is my debut title from back when I was writing under my real name. You always hear writers talking about “the book of my heart,” but in this case, it’s no cliche. Like someone who’s never loved before, I poured my soul into this book with abandon.

The book has been out of print for some time now and my agent recently helped me reacquire the rights to it. So I’m going back through this story, adding scenes that my editor deleted, deleting things I find troublesome now, and generally sprucing it up for a new audience. My agent and I plan to reissue Maidensong as an ebook probably in early February. Of course, it’ll need a new cover, but looking through pics of cover models to find my hero Bjorn will be no hardship!

I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

Now a question to get our cyber-conversation going. I’m reading LUNCHEON OF THE BOATING PARTY by Vreeland for my book club right now. It’s about Renoir and his painting of that title. Fascinating. What are you reading?

12 thoughts on “Where in the World is Mia Today?

  1. Marcy W says:

    I just finished the new always-inventive Jayne Ann Krentz, “Copper Beach”, and am now into beta-reading Mia’s first Rake book … insert snarky cackle here — I do love being the first to read a ms!! :-)
    I’ll be very interested to see how you revise “Maidensong”, Mia. For those who haven’t read it, it’ll be fun to get your reactions. Mia’s books have always been wonderfully readable, but as I’ve told her, every book is better than the last — so re-reading the very first will be fascinating. And it’s bound to bring back a lot of memories and feelings for its author, too. A good wintertime project…

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Marcy. You know how I appreciate your input!

      The world of Maidensong is very different from my other work (with the exception of the upcoming LORD OF FIRE AND ICE.) The 9th century setting will be an adventure for most readers. Hopefully they’ll be willing to follow me to the Dark Ages for a love story that frankly still gives me tingles.

  2. Maria D. says:

    Congrats on getting your rights back on Maidensong. I’m looking forward to being able to read it:)

    I just finished reading “A Scandalous Countess” by Jo Beverly. Not sure what I’ll be starting next but it will be a historical..lol..

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Maria D–Oh, how I love Jo Beverley. She’s one of the reasons I write historical romance.

      When you write for a living, you read differently. I’m always dissecting the body of work, studying how the author handles writerly issues. However, there are a handful of authors who make me forget I’m a writer too and I can simply wallow in the joy of a story well told. Jo Beverley is one of those authors.

  3. Karri Lyn Halley says:

    I just finished Apollo’s Angels about the history of ballet and now I’m starting Amanda Foreman’s A World on Fire about Britain’s role in the American Civil War. Since these are big ole nonfiction books, I read a lot of fiction at the same time. After a break for some Christmas romance anthologies, finally got to Touch of a Thief and am loving it. I “discovered” you well after Maidensong’s first release, so I’m looking forward to the reissue!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Karri–I read non-fiction all the time too. The “world on fire” title you mentioned reminds of A WORLD LIT ONLY BY FIRE by Manchester. It’s an unvarnished look at the medieval world.

      Hope you enjoy TOUCH OF A THIEF.

  4. Cate S says:

    Great news about Maidensong!! Am just starting “Sins of the Highlander” Your bookclub read sounds very intersting!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Cate–So far the LUNCHEON OF THE BOATING PARTY has been fascinating. Not only Renoir is in it. Several of the Impressionists were frenemies, so I’ve met Degas and Manet in the pages of this story. The author is giving me a peek not only into the intricacies of the art world then, but the politics of 1880’s Paris as well. I’m lapping it up.

  5. Anna Bowling says:

    Oh. Oh. Reissue of Maidensong, with added material and new cover? That’s fabulous news. Very much looking forward to this.

    Current read for me is Indiscreet by Carolyn Jewel, another adventurous historical.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Anna. I’m really loving going back through this story. Enough time has elasped that it’s very fresh to me.

      Adventure in a romance is my cup of tea. I’ll have to give Carolyn Jewell a try.

  6. Barbara Britton says:

    I just finished “Sins of the Highlander”, of course. Loved it! Now I’m on to the e-books I won here.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks Barbara! Glad you enjoyed SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER. Isn’t it fun to win something? I’m happy you got lucky on my website.

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