What's Up Wednesday in the Big Apple

I woke up this morning in the city that never sleeps. My crit partner Ashlyn Chase and I are in New York City for RWA Nationals. So far it’s been a great time of reconnecting with my writer buddies. I’ve met plenty of online friends who let me know they follow my Red Pencil Thursdays. (Now I hope they’ll submit their 500 words!)

I had a gasping fan girl moment at the Readers for Life Literacy Signing. The fabulous Mary Jo Putney came over to my little spot among the 500+ authors who were participating. She thanked me for guest blogging at Word Wenches and told me that after I visited them, she went to my website, read the excerpt from Touch of a Thief and downloaded the book! I’ve admired her work for a long time. To have her admire mine back was priceless!

Last night I went to a Moroccan restaurant with my agent Natasha Kern. The place was dark and dingy, but the food was delicious. I had pheasant pie, a unique mix of spices and flavors. We were also treated to a rather incongruous jazz trio who delivered some rather tasty licks.

Today, Madeline Hunter is our keynote speaker. I love her smart, sexy historicals and can’t wait to hear what she has to say. The afternoon will be filled with craft workshops and tonight, I’ll attend a party at Kensington Publishing. It’ll be fun to visit “the mothership.”

Days of conference go by in a blur of activity, but I’ll check back with you on Friday with more news from NY. Be sure to pop by tomorrow for Red Pencil Thursday!

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday in the Big Apple

  1. You’re off to a roaring start! MJP and pheasant pie makes for a fantastic start to a conference. :) Congratulations on a happy fangirl moment.

    Have a great time at the Kensington party tonight–wish could be there too!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I’m meeting Susan Fox to walk over to the Kensington offices for the party later. Hope my blister holds up! As a full time writer, I confess to going barefoot most of the time. Shoes are such an inconvenience!

  2. Marcy W says:

    Wow, sounds like almost too much fun! Soak it all up, ’cause this wonderful learning and meeting and interacting will sustain you through many months of writing … Eager to hear more, and thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Writers conferences alway get me jazzed to hit the keyboard afresh. There’s such a delightful energy surrounding so many creative people.

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