Valentines Day

You know me. I’m always interested in the history behind things, but I hadn’t ever looked into the whole St. Valentine story before today. There are several different accounts, but most seem to agree that he was a priest in Rome during the 3rd century.

St. Valentine

St. Valentine

Valentine was imprisoned for secretly marrying Christian couples, something the emperor Claudius II had declared  illegal since he was persecuting Christians. Another source declared that the reason Claudius was down on marriage was that it was harder for him to fill his military quota if the men had women and children to leave behind.

On his way to being beheaded on February 14th, 269 AD, Valentine reportedly cured a young girl’s blindness and wrote a farewell note to a woman who was a friend of his, signing it “from Your Valentine.”

While martyrdom isn’t particularly romantic, Valentine’s stand on marriage in the midst of a culture that encouraged polygamy and casual sex made him the patron saint of lovers.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the DH and I will probably go out for dinner and toast our good fortune in finding each other. But love doesn’t have to be romantic love to be worth celebrating. If you don’t have a Significant Other, is there someone who means a lot to you that you will honor today? What are your plans?

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  1. Mia says:

    You’re welcome, Barb!

  2. Barbara Britton says:


    I like history too, but I didn’t know this about St. Valentine. Thanks for sharing.

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