Touch of Magic

When I set out to write my historical/paranormal romance Touch of a Thief, I didn’t want to add typical paranormal elements. You won’t find vampires or shapeshifters in the story. What you will find is a heroine with a unique gift.

Lady Viola Preston is able to discern things about a precious gem’s past just by touching it. She hears the “voice of the stone” and receives flash visions of people and places and the atrocities committed when the jewels changed hands. Sometimes, she’s overcome by the strong emotion imprinted on a stone. Viola guards the secret of her ability and uses it as infrequently as she can. She doesn’t understand why she is able to sense these things. She only knows she is different.

And people fear those who are different.

Viola’s gift is called psychometry and while Touch of a Thief is a work of fiction, there are some who profess to have this ability in reality. A person who has psychometric abilities can hold an object and tell something about the history of that object, about the person who owned it, about the experiences that person had while in the possession of the object. The psychometrist may be able to sense personality traits of the owner of the object. They may divine their profession or even how they died.

Psychometrists claim that the emotion of the previous owner is most easily sensed. Strong emotion seems to be most indelibly “recorded” in objects.

Is psychometry real? I don’t know. But I thought it was a delicious premise to explore.

What do you think? Do you know someone for whom “the rocks cry out?”

One thought on “Touch of Magic

  1. Nynke says:

    Hi Mia,br /br /I don#39;t know anyone with the gift of psychometry, but I think it#39;s one of those gifts that may very well be real! And I really like what you#39;ve done with it in the excerpt – interesting and dramatic!

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