Things to Be Passionate About...Or Not

Today is the final day for you to vote in the first round of WRITING WITH THE STARS, so I’m spotlighting KC Klein, the 10th finalist for you. One of my recent guests will win a publishing contract with Kensington! Be sure to weigh in with your favorite.

Take it away, KC!

First of all, I want to thank Mia for letting all of the finalists come here and have the opportunity to tell everyone a little about ourselves. Mia was one of the first people to contact us after the first round went up, and it was great to feel her support. So thank you again, Mia.

Mia asked what we felt passionate about. This took a bit of thinking on my part. Since I am a writer, the pat answer would be telling stories, but I wanted to come up with something different. Instead, I came up with things I wished I was passionate about.

I wish I was passionate about…

…house cleaning. Now, I’ve had a dirty house and a clean house, and I’ve realized I have an incredible ability to step over piles without seeing them, to wipe down the TV with the sleeve of my shirt without a hint of guilt, and to make my writing spot among piles of papers, magazines, and dirty cups.

…gardening. This has always been a source of shame. Growing up with a mother who could make plants bloom in the middle of the desert, I struggle to keep alive anything green. (Unless, we are talking about what is growing in the back of my refrigerator.) The guilt is so bad that when my mother comes to visit, I run around and water all my plants, so when she checks them, I can honestly say they’ve been watered. (I leave out the part…this month.)

…scrapbooking. I just can’t grasp this art form. I’ve seen beautiful pages of my friends’ weddings and of their children, every milestone perfectly captured and memorialized. But the thought of scrapbooking freezes me in panic. My solution, a big box with my wedding pictures still in the envelope they came in—fifteen years ago.

So, I guess it’s a good thing I’m a writer, since I don’t have many other passions. I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my entry in the Writing With The Stars contest, Dark Future.


My heroine, Kris, has been pulled through time to a future where the women are few and the men are lonely. Only the harsh command of ConRad Smith prevents the soldiers from claiming Kris as their own. But Kris pushes the limits of even ConRad’s authority when she enters the Community Showers.

“You don’t seem to grasp how precarious your situation is. I’m trying to fight a war that could determine the existence of the entire human race, but instead I hear shouts there’s a woman in the men’s shower. My entire command disappears. Instead of trying to catch the enemy, my men are trying to catch a peek of a naked woman. I had to wade through ten deep of soldier just to get to this door.”

Well, the mystery of the jammed door knob was solved.

“These men are holding on by a very thin, very frayed string. They all know their lives are short lived, and many have never been with a woman, much less seen one naked. So when one extends an invitation, there’s going to be trouble.”

“It wasn’t an invitation,” I shouted. “It was an accident.”

“Do you think that they care?” He shouted back. “Hell, they’re willing to take anything they can get.”

“So what? Women aren’t supposed to take showers?”

“Well, you don’t see the goddess taking a shower here, and they’re not stinking up the place.”

I sucked in my breath. His comment aimed true. “Fine, so what does a goddess do?”

“Hell if I know, do I look like a goddess?”

“Well neither am I, you ass!” Pissed, I threw the only thing I had as a weapon. The soap bounced off his chest. He didn’t even flinch.

We stood staring at each other, neither of us willing to back down. ConRad ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Believe it or not I held a little sympathy for him. He had no experience handling women, and I’m sure there was no rule book that he could refer to.

“I can’t believe this is my life,” he mumbled.

“Welcome to my world,” I said, my attempt at humor.

He glanced at me, small smile cracked his face. He took a step and reached for the back of my neck, pulling me toward him. He buried his face against the crease above my shoulder, and inhaled deeply through his nose. His lips brushed my traitorous skin, his husky voice sending currents through my body. “Don’t worry. You smell damn good to me.”

KC’s Bio: I spend my time driving around in circles in Arizona, too busy making stories up in my head to pay attention to mere road signs. You can visit me at and follow kckleinbooks on Twitter and Facebook.

My mentor, Diane Whiteside, has been great. Her new release is THE SHADOW GUARD – coming April 2011, and you can visit at .

Mia chiming in here: Diane’s current release is THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS and I’ll be joining Diane Whiteside and Maggie Robinson next July in our wickedly fun anthology, IMPROPER GENTLEMEN!

Now it seems to me that KC has thrown down the gauntlet. I know plenty of people who are passionate about gardening and scrapbooking. (And a few who are wild about house cleaning, but I forgive them anyway!) If you have a green thumb or are an avid scapbooker, here’s your chance to defend your passion (ok, housecleaners are also welcome to try). ;-) Or if you have another interest you’d like to share with us, we’re all ears!

4 thoughts on “Things to Be Passionate About…Or Not

  1. KC says:

    Thanks Dale and Jeff for your comments. It is great to here what other people think about different passions. br /br /And Mia I couldn#39;t agree with you more. There is something about scrapbooking that keeps the memories alive. So I still keep all my photos in hopes that one year I can put them all together in a book. br /br /Sure one year when I am not writing, working, taking care of kids, etc….br /br /Oh just wanted people to know that the RT Writing with the Stars website had been down most of the weekend and so RT is being kind enough to extend the voting for one more day. SO TODAY is really your last day to vote.

  2. MiaMarlowe says:

    Though I don#39;t do scrapbooking, I see the value of it. My husband#39;s niece was an avid scrapbooker and her collections of memories for her family were beautiful. Her love and good humor radiated from every exquisitely designed page. When she died suddenly and very young, leaving 2 little boys and a grieving husband, those scrapbooks became even more precious.

  3. Dale Mayer says:

    hi KC, I#39;m a garden addict! Love all kinds of flowers, shrubs, evergreens etc. In my last two homes, I put in massive gardens all around the fence line and made them self maintaining within two years. Now house plants…can#39;t keep em alive no how!br /br /Don#39;t get the scrapbook thing either! br /br /Great blog!br /br /Dale

  4. jeff7salter says:

    KC,br /I don#39;t #39;get#39; scrapbooking either, though my daughter sold those supplies for one company (for a while) and got my wife hooked on /I don#39;t get all worked-up about the lawn (or garden, for that matter) unlike most of my gender. If the grass gets occasionally shaggy, so what? It#39;s grass!br /I#39;m not fastidious about my study being orderly. I can usually find what I need. When I worked full time, my office was a mess, but when people needed something, I#39;m the one they came to. And I could usually find /So what AM I passionate about?br /Like you —writing. Since high school in the 1960s, I#39;ve realized writing is what moves me. Sure I love to read, but creating the stories that others can read — that#39;s my /Published in non-fiction and poetry, but still waiting for one of my five completed novels to be /Jeff

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