The Vagaries of Travel

CruiseAntiguaWe had a little excitement on our recent cruise. Just after 6AM before we docked in Antigua, the ship’s emergency horn sounded.

“Well, that’s not good,” I said to the DH as I bolted out of bed.

A young sounding female voice came over the loud speaker announcing that she was the officer of the watch and there appeared to be a fire in one of the engines.

“Not good at all,” the DH agreed. (He remained in bed. Being of Norwegian descent, he’s not easily excited about things–whether good or bad.) Then, someone apparently woke our captain and in sleepy, halting, heavily accented English, he gave orders to evacuate several crew decks.

“Even more not good,” I said.

CruiseAntiguaAtlanticWe were assured by the voice from the bridge that no action by guests was required.

“Yeah. Tell that to my insides,” I said as I pulled on some capris and a t-shirt.

The DH remained in a prone position while I stepped onto the balcony to see that we were dead in the water and drifting. We were only about 15 miles from Antigua and if the call to abandon ship was given, surely we’d be rescued fairly quickly. Surely.

Since no action was required the voice kept assuring us, I mentally packed a backpack of essentials–our passports (which drawer had I put those in?), my meds (Guess I could leave the vitamins behind), warm clothes (what warm clothes? We were headed to within 12 degrees of the Equator. I hadn’t brought warm clothes!)

Then just as I was working myself into a full blown worst case scenario, the ship’s remaining engines sputtered to life, the captain came on the speaker to assure us that there had been no fire after all, just an engine that had belched out some vapors. We’d be late to Antigua, but everything was fine.

CruiseAntiguaNelsonDockYardWhen I left the balcony and came back into our cabin, I was happy to see that the DH had gotten dressed. Finally, he’d taken our situation seriously.

“Not really,” he said. “It’s time for breakfast and they won’t let me in the dining room without pants.”


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