Terrific Review for My Lady Below Stairs

Hope you got what you wanted for Christmas. ;-) My favorite present was having my whole family together. But one of the other lovely things I received was this review of MY LADY BELOW STAIRS by The Huntress (Detra Fitch):

My Lady Below Stairs

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“**** FOUR STARS! … a delight to read. All the characters in the story toss lies around like confetti. Little white lies of deception, grey lies of omission, and the black-hearted lies of greed seem to sparkle as they are spewed up. The pieces glitter as they shift, tangle, and flutter on the way down. But eventually they all settle on the floor for everyone to see clearly.

Mia Marlowe’s novella has an unexpected twist or two as well. I was never allowed to become too comfortable though. There was always something going to on to keep the story interesting. A fast paced novella (with a low price) that is a great read any time of the year. ****”

HUNTRESS REVIEWS, Reviewed by Detra Fitch

3 thoughts on “Terrific Review for My Lady Below Stairs

  1. Marcy W says:

    You’ve been a good girl, haven’t you?! Santa, and his elf Detra, were very good to you :-) (Deservedly so, of course!)

    1. Mia says:

      Thanks, Marcy. I sent an ARC of Touch of a Rogue for you back with Elisabeth. As always, I appreciate you!

      1. Marcy W says:

        Ooohh, thanks!!

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