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I don’t often republish posts from other sources, but this one from my friend and fellow Rock*It Reads author, Elisabeth Naughton, was so good, I wanted to pass it on to you. (If you haven’t tried Elis’s suspenseful paranormals, you are in for such a treat! Her newest, Enraptured, was a Publishers Weekly Top Ten Romance for Spring 2012 alongside my Touch of a Rogue!)

Today, Elisabeth is sharing how you can help support authors whose books you love. Believe it or not, readers have a great deal of power when it comes to signaling to the market what they want to see in the future. Here’s how to maximize your impact:

from Elisabeth Naughton…

Authors love hearing from readers who enjoy their books, but we love you even more when you spread that love around. I get asked all the time what readers can do to help me promo my books, and here’s a quick list for those that are interested.

(FYI, this goes for ALL authors, not just me.)

If you love a book, you can help the author by doing all or any of the following:

1. Post a Review! – Reviews help new readers find and buy books. If you love a series and want to see it continue, write a review so NEW readers can find the book too. Writers and publishers only continue series that are SELLING (Yes, unfortunately everything comes back to the bottom line). So if you love a book/series….write a review at Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc. to help guarantee it will go on.

2. “Like” books on sites like Amazon – overall rankings are based on a combination of “likes” and sales. The higher the ranking, the better odds new readers have to find the book.

3. Tell your friends! Give them a book to borrow, tell them about an amazing story or series. Talk about it via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and your own blog (if you have one).

4. Sign up for the Author’s newsletter so you can find out when the next great book is released. (Sign up for mine at on the bottom of the homepage.) If you already get an author’s newsletter, forward it to a friend you think might be interested.

5. Like the Author’s Facebook page.

6. Join the Author’s readers group – if the Author has one.

All of these things help authors spread the word about their book AND guarantee those authors will keep writing the books you love. And this author can guarantee…we really really REALLY appreciate the help spreading the word because more than anything we want to continue to write the books you love to read.


Thanks for sharing those tips with us, Elisabeth! Think I’ll take your advice right now.

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