Stellar Review for A Duke for All Seasons

A Duke for All Seasons

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Detra Fitch (Huntress Reviews) just posted this review of A Duke for All Seasons. Thought I’d share what this insightful reader has to say.


“Sebastian Blake, Duke of Winterhaven, is often referred to as The Ice Duke. This is, in part, due to how he approaches his love life. Sebastian understands that at some point in his future he must wed to produce an heir. For now he wants nothing more than to have a lady share his bed without strings. Sebastian always has his mistress-to-be sign a contract, agreeing to have a mistress-protector relationship for three months (never longer), and then part ways. Currently, Sebastian is searching for his next mistress.

When his friend, Lord Granger, insists that Sebastian attend the opera to hear an amazing soprano, Sebastian agrees. The moment Arabella St. George takes the stage Sebastian finds himself smitten. Bella’s voice is as exquisite as Lord Granger had claimed; however, Sebastian wants more than her voice. He intends for Bella to be his next season’s mistress.

The last time Bella had been in Paris she was approached by a man who informs her that she must deliver an envelope for him. Normally Bella would refuse, but this man had people watching her sister’s home. Bella’s sister and her husband are raising Lisette, Bella’s daughter, as their own. The man’s threat was clear. Therefore, when Sebastian enters her dressing room Bella believes him to be her contact and passes alone the sealed envelope. Only moments later the vilest man she has ever known walks in. Fernand de Lisle is an assassin. Unfortunately, he is also Lisette’s father. Fernand cares nothing for the little girl. Unless Bella hands over the envelope soon he would not hesitate to kill their daughter.

By the time Bella approaches Sebastian, he already knows the envelope’s contents. Though Bella did not know that treason was within the envelope, she was still in possession of it. By all rights, Sebastian should turn Bella, the envelope, and its contents over to the law. However, after listening to her story, Sebastian decides to take a different course of action.”

**** FOUR STARS! Sebastian has a book in his library’s reference section titled “A Gentleman’s Guide to Keeping a Mistress”. Author Mia Marlowe has noted a bit of its advice at the beginning of each chapter. (Well, for the first fifteen chapters or so anyway.) Each quote had me either rolling my eyes heavenward or grinning at it outdated idiosyncrasy. Then came a chapter where the advice ended. The way in which Mia Marlowe brought the “Gentleman’s Guide” to a close had me laughing aloud. (To be honest, I believe I let out one loud WHOOP!) I simply could not bring myself to review this story without mentioning it. Hilarious!

Filled with interesting characters, a dangerous plot, and a villain that I enjoyed hating, this fast paced story kept me hooked, eager to know what would happen next. This story is well worth your time. ****


Thanks, Detra! So glad you enjoyed my Duke.

For more of Detra’s reading picks, please visit Huntress Reviews.

And thanks to all my readers who helped keep A Duke for All Seasons on a Kindle Best seller list for several weeks. I’m honored and humbled when you share my work with your reading friends.

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