Putting on My Traveling Shoes...

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog or have read my bio, you know I love to travel. I’ve really been racking up the miles this year. In February, my DH and I visited Japan–he for business and me for pleasure. Poor boy, he always gets the short end of the stick when that happens.

In April I was off to Chicago for the Romantic Times Convention.  Our family  went to Hawaii for a glorious week in May. Then in July, I headed to California for RWA Nationals.

H1 Highway

H1 Highway

Of course, when I travel for writing, I usually end up seeing only the inside of the hotel and whatever scenery I pass on the way to and from the airport. I was within spitting distance of Disney Land in Anaheim and never made it to the happiest place on earth. But that’s ok. Travel is still one of my favorite things. I love the opportunity to meet new people and learn about how they live.

Next week, I’m packing my bags again. This time the trip is to visit family back in Missouri. My parents, our oldest daughter and one of my sisters and her family live in the Ozarks. We can’t wait to see them. Aside from the fun of being with my fam, the Ozarks are a beautiful area of the country.

It’s a land of rolling hills and the lush Mark Twain National Forest. There are springs and lakes and the many caves make it a spelunker’s heaven. My family lives about 80 miles from Branson–a big entertainment capital in the Midwest. They don’t feature just country music either. Last time my DH and I were there we saw a Cirque du Soleil  style performance and an indoor arena horse show.

Because it’s been so dry there this summer, it won’t look as lush as the photo above. We’re expecting brown grass and stressed trees. But we’re still looking forward to the trip. For one thing, we get to visit our house for a while too. When we moved to Boston, we kept the house in Missouri in the hope that eventually we’ll return. It’s so peaceful and quiet, you can hear the cows tearing grass in the pasture behind our place.

So now it’s your turn. Have you done any traveling this year? Bear in mind that a day trip to  a fun place near your home counts!

4 thoughts on “Putting on My Traveling Shoes…

  1. Danny says:

    Hi Mia,

    Japan and Hawaii are among the places that I would love to visit. Haven’t done much travelling this year because I am studying a lot (I am in the final phase of getting my teaching degree). So it looks like I have to postpone my annual US trip. I have only been able to make day trips to the Netherlands, but it isn’t too far away from my hometown.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Sometimes, life demands you sit tight for a bit. Kudos to you for finishing up your degree. The Netherlands is a fun place to visit. Still recall my 2010 trip to Amsterdam with fondness. I’ve been so blessed that my DH is a travel industry pro. It means I’ve been able to take so many trips that otherwise would have been financially out of reach.

      1. Danny says:

        Amsterdam is a great place. It’s a very unusual city. Haven’t been there for awhile, but I definitely have to go back there. Great that you have the chance to visit so many beautiful places.

        1. Mia says:

          I’m incredibly blessed in the travel department. I remember when I was in high school my English teacher had us write down our goals. Top of my list was to see as much of the world as I could. I’m a firm believer in writing my dreams down.

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