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If you visit enough author blogs, you’ll probably hear a little weeping and wailing about the dearth of publisher support unless you’re Nora Roberts or James Patterson. However, you’ll hear no complaints from me. Kensington isn’t springing for 30 second slots on the major networks for my books, but they have put together this lovely marketing piece for Touch of a Thief and a couple of its release mates. I think it’s beautiful.

It even works well with my website colors!

A quick note about the book I’m reading now. I started THE CORRECTIONS by Jonathan Franzen for my book club. It’s more engaging that I thought it would be. Well-written, despite sentences that take up enough space on the page to need their own zipcode. As I feared, it’s mildly depressing. All the characters I’ve met so far are desperately unhappy and unable to communicate their unhappiness to each other, caught in the eternity of silence between one word and the next. I’m not expecting an HEA.

Have a terrific weekend, but before you go, drop me a comment to let me know what you’re reading now and if you’re enjoying it.

2 thoughts on “Publisher Support

  1. Mia Marlowe says:

    The Corrections reminds me of The Fixer and some of the other barren things I read in contemporary lit courses in college. All the characters seem so lost in contemplation of their own navels. Nobody seems to give a rip about anyone else. I don’t see anything changing between now and THE END–just endless swirling around the bowl.

  2. Lovely ad, Mia! Congratulations. Looks like Kensington is delighted about your new release!

    I wonder how you’ll wind up liking The Corrections? I haven’t read it because it sounded so bleak, despite its great reviews. I do really enjoy literary fiction that’s got a touch of history, book-nerd-ish-ness, humor…I just read A Discovery of Witches and liked that a lot. Now I’m catching up on Julie Anne Long’s Pennyroyal Green series–I Kissed an Earl and her new What I Did for a Duke.

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