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How to Please a Pirate

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Happy International “Talk Like A Pirate” Day! What? You didn’t know? Well, that’s all right. There’s still time to get your pirate groove on before the holiday passes you by. Check out my handy list of pirate pick-up lines:

When a man makes landfall in as many ports as a pirate, he needs an arsenal of charming ‘bon mots’ to break the ice. Likewise, a lady pirate can let a likely lad know she’d welcome his attention with one of these snappy retorts!

For Lads:

1. Wanna shiver me timbers?

2. What’s a nice wench like ye doing in a smarmy lagoon  like this?

3. That’s some treasure chest.

4. Avast, me proud beauty. Care to make my Roger Jolly?

5. Prepare to be boarded!

For Lasses:

1. So tell me, why do they call ye Cap’n Jellyfish?

2. That’s quite a cutlass ye have there.

3. Me mother warned me about sailing men. Wouldn’t  want to make the poor old dear a liar, would ye?

4. No, I’m not seeing Mad Dog McGee anymore. Besides,  he’s found a terrific new therapist and hasn’t cut anything off anyone for  . . .  oh, three weeks at least.

5. Wanna come up to my place? I just had me mattress  deloused.

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Now it’s your turn to add to the body of pirate pick-up lines. What would you like to hear from your very own Captain Jack? Or Will Turner?

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  1. Barbara Britton says:

    What’s a pirate’s favorite school subject?

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