Pass the Turkey Please!

This morning after I drop the DH off at work (Yes, he gets chauffeured to the office. It’s part of the agreement that allows me to spend the rest of my day blissfully making things up!) I have to swing by the market and shop for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving DinnerIt’s a little tricky to do the whole turkey-with-the-trimmings thing because there are just three of us. The rest of the fam is on the other side of the Mississippi. So there’s no chance I’ll be roasting a twenty pound bird. Our turkey will be as close to ten as I can find and will look like a very corpulent chicken actually.

And here’s the kicker. My DH doesn’t even like turkey. He likes what goes with it. Each year, he takes one slice of breast meat and piles the rest of his plate with dressing, green beans with slivered almonds and my homemade noodles.

Now, I’ve been tempted to cheat on the noodles. In the Midwest, you can buy frozen egg noodles that can pass for my homemade, but the first year we lived here in New England I looked high and low for them to no avail. When I asked a store clerk, she stared at me as if I’d sprouted a second head. (They do the same when I ask for chili beans around here too.)

So on Wednesday night, I’ll be rolling out noodles so they can dry before I cut them on Thursday in the wee hours of the morning. Even with a small turkey and paring back my side dish recipes we always have enough left overs to see us through the Thanksgiving weekend or until my DH cries “Uncle!” and takes us out for Chinese.

I have to admit, I’m glad not to be traveling this year. When the kids were little, we spent so many holidays in airports. One time while I was diapering the baby, our toddler wandered off. Terror has a real flavor and it was all I could taste till we found her just around the corner. She was missing for all of 30 seconds, but I couldn’t have borne longer. (We bought a harness and tether after than and she wore it till I was no longer scared. Took several years and I didn’t care what anyone thought of me for leashing my child to my wrist.) But we had plenty to be grateful for on that Thanksgiving.

Harry and MackAnd we have much to be thankful for now. Even though our family is spread out, everyone is healthy, happy and (Thank you, God!) employed. We are warm, clothed and loved. We have pets who adore us (and keep us from leaving things laying about less they chew them up!)

And I’m thankful for you, my friend. Writing is a solitary activity so my online buddies mean a lot to me. I’m always glad to hear from you here or on my FB or Twitter.

So now it’s your turn. Will you be cooking on Thursday or visiting with other family? What’s your favorite holiday dish? Got any low cal/ low carb recipes you love? Care to share what you’re most thankful for this year? If you’re not in America, do you have some version of Thanksgiving where you live?

4 thoughts on “Pass the Turkey Please!

  1. Barbara Britton says:

    Hi Mia,

    Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are catering our Thanksgiving meal as my mom-in-law had surgery that she is not totally recovered from. I live out of state, and my sister-in-laws aren’t much for cooking for 20 people, so catering it is.

    I am thankful for my family, freedom, and friends. Writer friends are at the top of the list.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I was really tempted to go the catered route this year. Stop-n-Shop has a full meal deal for $59, but my DH lobbied for my noodles.

      Thanks for dropping by, Barbara.

  2. Marcy W says:

    So much to be thankful for … and you are on my list, for sure!
    Good luck with the low carb thing. I went for a year without bread –arrgghhh– when first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and it just really sucks. I did lose weight, and not all of it has come back on over the three or four years since then. I tried a fair number of low carb recipes for baking: using almond meal and/or coconut flour were the best ones. I eventually decided that eating the ‘normal’ foods, but just smaller amounts and spaced through the day, kept my blood sugar and my weight at reasonable levels. The other way is too much trouble; I don’t like to cook these days, and I found myself literally dreaming about bread and potatoes. Life is just too short. So now my stew has more other veggies than potatoes, but enough to enjoy, and I eat some bread, trying to use multi-grain with lots of fiber, when I just must have toast with my eggs. I don’t eat pasta or pizza at all (sigh), but for holidays, you make and enjoy those noodles! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Marcy. I’m thankful for you too, m’dear. I have a yam I’m looking forward to on Thursday, not that I too dream about carbs or anything!

      I’m glad you’ve found a way to control your diabetes. I know it’s a difficult line to walk.

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