One Night, One Waltz, One Kiss...

My Lady Below Stairs

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…and life is never the same again.

We’ve all had pivotal moments when the choices we make impact the rest of our lives. In My Lady Below Stairs, all my characters are facing just such a critical moment at the same Christmas ball. Their lives are all tangled up amid the red velvet and mistletoe and frosted windowpanes.

When this story was first published in the anthology A CHRISTMAS BALL (Leisure Books, Oct. 2009), it received rave reviews. It’s a busy little story peopled with a surprisingly large cast for a novella.

First there’s my out-of-the-box hero and heroine–Jane Tate and Ian Michael MacGarrett. They aren’t members of the bon ton. Jane is a bastard scullery maid and Ian is the head groom for Lord Somerville’s stables. I wanted to show that love isn’t limited to the upper crust.

Then there’s Lady Sybil, Jane’s wellborn half-sister, who runs away with her Italian portrait painter, Giovanni, who’s guarding a secret of his own. Jane is coerced into attending Lord Hartwell’s Christmas Ball because Lord Eddleston, a light-in-the-pockets viscount, intends to propose to “Sybil” under the mistletoe. He’ll have to be quick about it because he’s also dodging the widowed Lady Darvish, who holds all his gambling vouchers and is coincidentally looking for her 5th husband.

If it sounds confusing, believe me, it is. There’s plenty of misdirection and mayhem packed in less than 30K words. Along with, according to my editor, some of the sexiest, funniest prose I’ve ever penned.

That means so much to me because I was going through some real challenges as I wrote My Lady Below Stairs back in the winter of 2008-2009. You see, I’d been diagnosed with cancer in November 2008 and spent the winter recovering from surgery. Pain and the medication for it slowed my writing output to a crawl, but retreating to the world of this story was a welcome escape for me each day.

Now I’m three years cancer free and when the rights to this story reverted to me, I decided it was time to share it with the world again, this time as an e-novella. You can download My Lady Below Stairs for your Kindle or Nook. And if you don’t have either, let me suggest downloading the free Kindle or Nook software to your computer or smart phone. I used to be a print book purist, but over the last year, I’ve become addicted to reading on my phone. I still love the feel of print book, but I also love carrying my library in my pocket!

Click this link to read an excerpt: My Lady Below Stairs.  Hope you love it!

Like my characters, have you had a pivotal moment that changed your life?

6 thoughts on “One Night, One Waltz, One Kiss…

  1. Jackie says:


    Well, I’m still a devote of the printed book, but I ordered CHRISTMAS BALL interlibrary loan and look forward to reading your story!


  2. Ashlyn Chase says:

    I can identify with escaping into your story, and enjoying time with your characters as a healthy diversion from harsh reality.

    Great way to turn lemons into lemonade.

  3. Brooklyn Ann says:

    Oooh, this story sounds like a good time! It’s amazing the things adversity can inspire.

    1. Mia says:

      Thanks, Brooklyn Ann. It was good therapy at the time and I’m so glad I was ahead of schedule when it happened. It’s been a cautionary tale for me not to get behind on a contract. Even with the slower writing pace, I was still able to turn the story in on time. As a railroader’s daughter, punctuality is important to me.

  4. Mia Marlowe says:

    Thanks, Barbara! I’m hoping readers who enjoyed this story when it came out in the anthology will pop over to Amazon and add a customer review for it. My agent says it really helps a book’s visibility to have plenty of reviews or “likes.”

    I just decided last summer to try ebooks and I really love the convenience. My DH loves that I’m not stacking print books to the ceiling in our little condo! Let me know if you give the Kindle or Nook software a try.

  5. Mia,
    Your courage and determination in writing through your pain is truly inspiring. I can’t put my finger on one ‘pivotal’ moment that changed my life (except, perhaps, for the first meeting with my husband).

    Good luck with MY LADY BELOW STAIRS–hope i’ts an e-success. I loved it when it came out originally. That Kindle/Nook download might be the thing for me. I haven’t yet completed that e-volution.

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