One Last Look & Giveaway!

Update: The winners of an ARC of Touch of a Scoundrel are Tin and Sandy S. Thanks to everyone who dropped by and left a comment. If you didn’t win this time, don’t despair. I’ll have another giveaway next Monday!

Waking Up with a Rake

Coming January 2013

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a small army of folks to bring a book to market. It starts with the initial kernel of a idea from the author. She puts together a proposal. How detailed that needs to be depends on her relationship with her publisher. For the Royal Rakes series, Connie Mason and I submitted a short overview of the series and a paragraph each for the 3 books to our agent who sold it to our editor and hammered out the deal with our publisher.

Then the first story, Waking Up with a Rake had to be written. That involved our critique partner, Ashlyn Chase, as we fleshed out the manuscript. While we were doing that, the cover artists at Sourcebooks put together this wonderful cover. After multiple passes, the manuscript went to our beta-reader, then finally to our editor (on time!). As a railroader’s daughter I’m a stickler for punctuality.

After several months, requests for a few revisions came back and we finished those up just before I ran off to Hawaii in May. Now the manuscript is back in my hands for one last look-through to approve or disapprove the copy editor’s changes. By this time, it’s looking much more like a real book. The appearance of a galley, even an electronic one, is much more like it will be in print next January. Someone has taken great care with my words and this is my last chance to make this story the best it can be.

And frankly it’s been long enough since I looked at it (and my attention has been on other manuscripts since then!) that the writing and the story feels delightfully fresh to me. I love it when a book finally comes together and I’m so appreciative of all the many people who’ve had a hand in it.

A bit of housekeeping for my blog now…

Touch of a Scoundrel

Leave a comment for a chance to win an ARC of TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL!

Congratulations to Fiona Marsden and Librarypat! You’re the winners from Bronwen Evan’s visit to my blog last Monday. They’ll be receiving either INVITATION TO RUIN or INVITATION TO SCANDAL. She’ll be emailing you soon. That same day I was guesting on her blog and my winners are Annfes and Jen Rescigno, so they’ll be hearing from me.

You didn’t win? Don’t despair. I’m offering 2 ARCs of Touch of a Scoundrel to 2 winners here. All you have to do is leave a comment or question for me.  It can be about anything–even how you spent your weekend! I’ll be announcing the winners here later this week.

Good luck!

62 thoughts on “One Last Look & Giveaway!

  1. Mia Marlowe says:

    Terrific, Sandy! Hope you’ve responded to my email with your mailing info.

  2. Sandy S. says:

    Thank you for the giveaway-it will be my pleasure to read and review!!!

  3. beichy. lopez says:

    How many books in the series ?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      3. TOUCH OF A THIEF, TOUCH OF A ROGUE and the upcoming TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL. Very soon, a related enovella called TOUCH OF A LADY will be available too. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified. ;-)

  4. Carol L says:

    Mia, I truly appreciate the steps an Author has to go through to put their books in the readers hands. I have so loved the Touch series. Touch of A Thief and Touch of A Rogue were fabulous reads. Looking forward to reading Touch of A Scandal. Your covers are delicious. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Carol! I’m so glad you enjoyed the rest of the Touch of Seduction series.

  5. Kathy Ross says:

    Are you coming back home this summer? Let me know.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      By home, Kathy means will I be visiting south Missouri? My DH and I kept our home there when we moved to Boston and hope to eventually return to the Ozarks. Kathy is the award winning bookseller who owned HALF-PRICED BOOKS in Springfield, MO.

      Yes, Kathy, we hope to get back there in August sometime, but our plans aren’t firmed up. Will definitely let you know when they are.

  6. Maria says:

    I’m just curious, do you read your own book?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Oh, my word, several times each as it moves through the process. I especially love it when a book comes back to me for final copy edits and it’s been several months since I last saw it. By then I’ve moved on to other stories and characters and the details of past manuscripts are fuzzy. At that point, it feels very fresh to me and I can enjoy it like any other reader.

  7. librarypat says:

    We are getting ready to hit the road for a couple weeks of vacation. We will be on Cape Cod for a week and visiting relatives in the MA and NH area. Then we head to northern NY to visit my family. We were hoping to get away from the heat of the South, but it looks like it will get there before we do. We never saw 90 degree weather up there until August. Hope your last day of Spring is enjoyable and that you have a fun summer.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Well, if you’re trying to escape the heat in New England, you’re a few days too late. We’re having record 90’s here for the next couple days. However, I expect it to cool down next week. We usually have very comfy summers.

  8. Phoenix Carvelli says:

    Do you select the cover for the book? I love the color on this one! I can’t wait to read it!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      For my NY published books, I receive a questionaire asking basic questions about my hero and heroine, whether there’s a scene in the story that lends itself to cover treatment etc. After I submit that, I usually don’t see the cover until it’s done. For my Rock*It Reads, I work directly with a cover designer to see a cover from initial image to final product. For more about that, you might want to see my blog on how A Cover is Born!

  9. Jeanne Miro says:


    As a reader of all your books I found it fascinating of what Connie and you had to go through to get Waking Up with a Rake published and can’t wait to read it!

    I may not have won the last time but it was fun going to both your blog and Bronwen’s! Thanks for giving all your readers a chance to win a copy of Touch of a Scoundrel!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Hi Jeanne! I’m glad to have introduced you to Bronwen Evans. She’s very talented.

  10. Sandy S. says:

    Sounds fantastic

    oh….and Nathan Kamp as the model for WAKING UP WITH A RAKE….smexy…lol

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Nathan is rather babe-like, isn’t he?

  11. Arely Zimmermann says:

    I absolutely love it when people tell me their writing process. Thanks for this peek into your writing life!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I often say if I was a reality TV show, I’d be cancelled because my life is too calm and pleasant to be interesting. That’s because all the angst, adventure and action takes place inside my head!

  12. kiki says:

    Love the cover. This book looks like it’s going to be good.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      The cover artists at Kensington and Sourcebooks do a wonderful job for my work. I’ve been kissed by the cover faeries, no doubt!

  13. Barbara Britton says:

    I like your new cover, Mia. The cover model is inviting!
    Did you drink Kona coffee while in Hawaii?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Oh my yes! On both the cover model and the coffee. We brought home a bag of Kona coffee and it was so sad when the last of the beans was gone. It was as if the vacation was finally really over…

  14. Sue Farrell says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Touch of a Scoundrel.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Sue. Me too.

  15. catslady says:

    You mentioned Hawaii. What is your favorite vacation spot – one where you’ve been and one you want to visit?

    Gorgeous cover!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      It’s hard to beat the beach, but I love the mountains too. There’s a wonderful camp ground outside the northeast entrance to Yellowstone that always takes my breath away.

      I love going just about anywhere if I can do it on a cruise ship. The ship itself is a destination for me.

      If I could go anywhere, I’d love to go to Rome. There’s such a wealth of art and history waiting to be explored.

  16. Kanya says:

    Hello Mia!
    I haven’t had the chance to read your books yet. Which one would you recommend reading first?
    I read your bio. Your daughter is a real cutie! A Renaissance Woman? Best compliment ever!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kanya ;)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Kanya. I’m pretty proud of my girls.

      As to which of my books you should read first, that depends on what you like. If you like unusual settings and grittier history, read MAIDENSONG. It’s the first novel I ever had published. If you like comedy, one of my “How to…” books is a great place to start. If alpha heroes are your thing, try SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER. And if you like a dash of the fantastic, any of my Touch of Seduction series will tickle that “need a little magic” spot.

  17. Diane Sallans says:

    It’s always good for us readers to be reminded of how much effort is put into bringing us the books we enjoy so much – thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      You’re welcome, Diane.

      I forgot to mention the all-important marketing and sales departments that give my work the push that gets it into the book stores.

  18. Diane P. Diamond says:

    Have you ever thought about illustrating your stories? I think that it would be great to have a couple of pics to drool over, sorry, I mean look at whilst enjoying the story. :-)

    I love the cover art and the color of her dress. Thank you for this opportunity Mia.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I guess there is a company that’s putting together graphic novels (i.e. comic books) of romance novels, but one of the reasons I’d resist that is that I like for readers to bring something to my books. The story takes place inside YOUR head. YOU get to cast this private showing and create as many pictures as you like. ;-)

  19. SharonD says:

    That cover is gorgeous! I read, and loved, Touch of a Thief (+ Distracting the Duchess and a Duke For All SEasons). I need to catch up and read Touch of a Rogue and soon because this newest one sounds amazing as well.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      So happy you loved some of my other books, Sharon.

      I’m pretty proud of TOUCH OF A ROGUE. Publishers Weekly named it one of the 10 Best Romances for Spring!

  20. May says:

    Great cover. Looking forward to reading the actual book!

  21. Debi Anne says:

    Hi Mia!
    Love the cover…purple is made favorite color and my bare chest requirement has been satisfied ;)
    Question – Should the Touch of Seduction series be read in order?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I love purple too. I can’t decide if it’s my favorite color or if I love blue best.

      The Touch of Seduction series are all related books, but they each stand alone. Some of the main characters are cousins, but the events in one book don’t necessarily lead to events in others.

  22. alisha woods says:

    Haven’t been well lately and books have been my best friend. And I love your books

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Alisha, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Feel better, my friend. Thanks for those kind words about my books.

  23. Sandy S. says:

    Looks like a great read…

    And I spent the weekend ….reading….imagine that..!!!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Reading for pleasure is not a luxury–it’s a necessity. I’d much rather get lost in a story than tangled up in the ridiculous, trumped-up angst of a “reality” show.

  24. Tin says:

    I read “Touch of a Thief” a few months back and enjoyed it. I’m excited and curious to see how those with “a special touch” have developed —

    Congratulations on your upcoming release!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      So glad you enjoyed my Thief, Tin. If you’re curious about how the “gift of touch” found its way into the Preston family tree, you’ll enjoy my TOUCH OF A LADY. Should be out in a few days.

  25. Mariela says:

    Words are so powerful, don’t you think?:)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Indeed. They can wound. They can heal. They can speak what’s in our hearts. I regularly get drunk on words.

  26. Laurie Gommermann says:

    Hi Mia,

    I love the cover! Handsome man, bright red and yellow colors.

    As you are a new author for me, I’d love to read any of your books.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Well, hello then Laurie. I’m glad to meet a new to me reader!

  27. Since I never win ANYTHING, I’m hoping this contest will correct that.
    The cover of the book looks delicious! Hope the storyline is as strong.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Good luck, Charlotte. My DH does my random drawing with some mathematical algorithms I don’t understand.

  28. What a glorious cover! I want that dress.

    I love historical. If only for the clothes and the handsome devils who remove them.


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      When I was singing professionally I got to wear some period clothing and they do make a girl feel very feminine.

  29. lori meehan says:

    Good morning. This sounds like a good story.
    Do you have any pets? If so how if at all do they help out with your writing.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I do have pets, Lori. Mack, a rat terrier and Harry, a long-haired dachshund. Both them came to us as rescues. Mack was going to be destroyed because he was born with a surgically repairable birth defect. My niece found Harry tied to a tree in the middle of the woods with no food or water, left to die.

      The boys do help me. They snuggle in next to my hips while I write on my laptop and they make sure I don’t get completely lost in the computer. I have to get up at regular intervals to take them out.

  30. Sheila Mulholland says:

    Can’t wait!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Me too, Sheila. I’m very excited about both of these stories.

  31. Ebony Morton says:

    it looks like a great book !!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      We had a great time writing it.

  32. Amanda Ward says:

    Looks a fab read. Do you have a fail safe method of avoiding procrastination, and avoiding writing?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      It’s called a deadline and it always lights a fire under me. I map out my writing schedule so I know how many pages I need to produce each day, each week in order to meet my obligations.

      The other way to stop writing avoidance is making housework the alternative. Thoughts of scrubbing toilets always sends me scurrying back to the computer! LOL.

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