Off to Scotland!

You know me. I’d rather have an adventure than a new sofa, a fact to which my sorry loveseat will attest! The DH and I are frantically finishing our last minute packing for our trip to the UK. We leave tonight, arriving in London tomorrow morning. Then we’ll take a motor coach to Portsmouth where we’ll board our ship.

Of course, we’ll be seeing more than Scotland. We’ll stop at one of the Channel Islands and have three Irish ports of call. Our last stop will be at Le Havre, France.

ScotlandBut I’m mostly interested in our time in Glasgow, one of the Orkneys, Invergordon and Edinburgh. I have a Scottish story due to my Kensington editor in October, so it’s time to let the place speak to me. I’m expecting to meet my hero/heroine while I’m there. I’ll collect some wonderful locations to set my next story.

We’re celebrating some things on this trip. First there’s our anniversary, which was yesterday.  I told a friend of mine this cruise was 12 days, the longest we’ve ever done. We wanted to see if we could get tired of a ship. My friends said to be careful lest my DH and I get tired of each other. Not a chance. There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend time with him. (He very wisely agrees that he’d rather be with me too!)

We’re also celebrating my 4 1/2 years of being cancer free. This coming November, God willling, I’ll be pronounced “cured.”  For the past 3 years I’ve also been battling a lung condition called NSIP. It’s an auto-immune syndrome that attacks my lungs. I’ve had a particularly rough spring. The virulent coughing left me breathless, exhausted and unable to sing. I still don’t know if my voice will ever come back. But, and this is huge, I seem to have turned a corner and I’m breathing so much better now.

Believe me, oxygen is all it’s cracked up to be.

So we have plenty of things to celebrate on this trip. I’ll be taking tons of pictures, which I’ll share when we return. We made the conscious choice to unplug for this cruise. Neither the DH nor I are taking our computers. I’ll take notes in my little moleskin notebook and share my thoughts and experiences with you when I get home.

Talk to you soon!

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