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My newsletter has been upgraded and subscribers were asked to confirm their desire to receive periodic notes from me. Thank you to all who renewed! Now I get to share the 10 winners of Waking Up with a Rake, Book 1 in the Royal Rakes series.

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Well, now I have a conundrum because I didn’t get permission to post anyone’s email and unfortunately, that’s all I have of my subscribers at present. However, rest assured that 10 of you are going to receive an email from me, asking you to confirm your name and mailing address so I can ship your Rake to you. I’ll also be asking for permission to share your first name and town for a future blog post.

In the meantime, it’s nearly time for One Night with a Rake, Book 2 in the Royal Rakes series. This story is already getting rave reviews!

from ImagineAWorld~My Rating: 5/5

“Lovely! One Night with a Rake is a wonderful historical romance, a perfect addition to the Royal Rakes series!”

“Georgette is a wonderful heroine. She’s strong and clever and extremely determined. Which tends to get her into trouble, not the least of which is going to the seediest areas of London to rescue a prostitute without any way to protect herself. I like that she’s so intent on helping others-even if she does get herself into trouble while trying to help. Regardless, she is a lovely character.”

One Night with a Rake

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“Nate is brilliant. He’s an honorable man at heart and it’s very clear that he doesn’t want to have to ruin Georgette. I love that he is such a noble gentleman, even in this most odd of situations. He is a perfect hero-sweet, strong, protective, honorable. I adore him.”

“The romance between Georgette and Nate is so sweet. Despite the obstacles in their way, they are clearly a perfect couple from the start. And there is a nice helping of spice to go along with them.”

“The plot is well-paced and I was hooked throughout the entire book. There are thrills to be had-mostly because of Georgette’s impulsiveness. And the ending is wonderful. I can’t wait to find out what happens with the third royal rake, Jonah, in the next book-Between a Rake and a Hard Place.”

“One Night with a Rake is a top notch historical romance. Romance lovers, you have to read this book!”


I’ve already heard from several readers who pre-ordered One Night with a Rake and they’ve received their books already. I hope you’ll pop over and claim yours today!

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