My Favorite Things. . . As of this Minute

My guest today is Miranda Neville, who also happens to be one of my favorite authors. Miranda and I met at the New England Chapter RWA conference a couple years ago and hit it off right away. It’s always wonderful to make a new friend and as an added bonus, I was thrilled to discover how well this delightful woman writes!

So without further ado, please welcome Miranda Neville.

Miranda’s Favs

It’s a pleasure to join Mia’s moving party. Good luck, Mia with the new name, the new publisher and the new blog. Just for fun, she asked me about a few of my favorite things. I have two problems with favorite lists. One is coming up with a single answer. The other is that favorites change from day to day. I could read this list next week and ask “What was I thinking?” But here goes, as of today.

Favorite Book.  Puhlease. I’m supposed to answer that? With one title? Forget it! Pride and Prejudice, The Little White Horse, Lord Perfect, Phineas Finn, A Countess Below Stairs, Desperate Duchesses, Cotillion. That’s my random spew, for today.

Favorite Movie.  You’ve Got Mail. I don’t think this is the greatest movie ever made, but it never fails to satisfy. It’s a comfort watch for me that I go back to again and again. Great writing, great romance. What more do you need?

Favorite Actor.  Alan Rickman. He’s one of those actors who always improves any movie. And he’s hot in a totally unobvious way.

Favorite Ice Cream. I can’t answer this, but if you tortured me by telling me I could only eat one kind of ice cream for the rest of my life I’d pick a really good vanilla.

Favorite Color. Purple. It’s what I’m wearing today so I’d better like it.

Fictional Character. Lord Peter Wimsey, since I forgot to put any Dorothy Sayers titles in my answer to favorite book.

Favorite Pet. I’d better say cat or I’ll be thrown out of the romance writers’ union. Truly, I am a cat person although I am currently petless. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Favorite TV Show. My two all time top TV shows are Upstairs Downstairs and The West Wing. Currently I’m into reality TV: Project Runway and Top Chef.

Favorite Vacation Spot. I don’t have one. To me the fun of vacationing is to change things up. Next year I’m going to Greece for the first time and I’m incredibly excited.

Favorite song. The Ronettes’ Be My Baby is giving me an earworm today. I must be getting ready for the Phil Spector Christmas album. So he’s a killer! Picky picky. I love that Wall of Sound.

Miranda’s Bio:

Miranda Neville grew up in England and now lives in Vermont. Along the way she worked for Sotheby’s rare books department in London and New York City, experience she mined (or dreamed) when creating the sexy Regency book collectors of the Burgundy Club. The Dangerous Viscount is her third historical romance for Avon. More info on Miranda and her books can be found at

The Dangerous Viscount is available from Amazon

Thanks for dropping by, Miranda.

Now it’s YOUR turn to weigh in on your favorite things!

20 thoughts on “My Favorite Things. . . As of this Minute

  1. Denisha says:

    That isighnt would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

  2. MiaMarlowe says:

    Mary Anne–I don#39;t know if I have a fav Alan Rickman role. Doesn#39;t matter what he#39;s saying, I just like to hear the man talk.

  3. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Penney!

  4. Mary Anne Landers says:

    Miranda and other Alan Rickman fans: My favorite performance of his is in quot;Dogmaquot;. He plays a devil of a fellow. Literally!

  5. penney says:

    Wonderful blog today I#39;m looking forward to read this, thanks for being here today,br /Penneybr /Happy Thanksgiving!br /luvhistoricalromance at gmail dot com

  6. Miranda Neville says:

    Hi Mary Anne: I#39;m interested that you don#39;t pick books by author. I#39;m certainly attracted to certain plots and themes, but there are certain authors I#39;ll always read and some I#39;ll never pick up again, even if the blurb made the story sound brilliant. Say hello to your /br /Deb: I love all the Bridgertons, also musicals. I haven#39;t seen The Wonder Years for a long time but I loved it when it was new. I may have to Netflix /br /Carol L: That#39;s an excellent list you have there. Johnny D. and DeNiro are two of those guys who never disappoint.

  7. Miranda Neville says:

    Hi y#39;all. I#39;m on the road and have just got to the internet for the first time in two daysbr /br /Nynke: Congratulations on having a lovely boyfriend. I am always sad when summer is over, unless it#39;s been particularly hot. And never be afraid to enjoy the obvious – by which I mean to obvious superiority of the historical romance:)br /br /Destiny: Your cat doesn#39;t really hate you. She#39;s just messing with your head. I can#39;t even manage one whole day on a beach. Too hot and sandy. I like to look at the ocean from a comfortable patio with an umbrella drink in /br /Hi Debra: I loved Prince of Thieves – Alan Rickman deliciously evil as well as Kevin Costner, who looked damn fine in tights. Like Mia, I#39;d have liked for Meg and Tom to have more face time in Sleepless

  8. MiaMarlowe says:

    Carol–You#39;ve named yet another book my daughters and I read aloud together. To Kill a Mockingbird is a wonderful read and Scout is such a good role model for young girls.

  9. MiaMarlowe says:

    Deb–Oh, my girls and I loved Sarah, Plain and Tall! What a lovely gentle love story.

  10. Carol L. says:

    Hi Mia and Miranda,br /I look forward to reading the The Dangerous Marquis and /br /1.My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper /2. My favorite song is I Want To Kiss You All Over by Exhile from the 70#39; /3. Best movie is To Kill A Mockingbird. br /4. Favorite actor ? Very hard.Just for acting ability and versitality in roles I#39;d say Johnny Depp or Robert DeNiro br /5. Favorite character-Jamie Fraser from Outlander. br /Carol /

  11. Deb says:

    Hi, Mia and /Faves are hard to list because I seem to waffle back and forth between first and second and third choices. :)br /Fave book: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton and children#39;s book Sarah, Plain and Tallbr /Fave song: Trace Adkins#39; The Rest of Minebr /Fave actor: a young Tom Selleck, although an aged Tom Selleck is still nice lookingbr /Fave ice cream: Homemade vanillabr /Fave movie: The Sound of Music or Oklahoma or State Fair—yeah, I like musicals (Hallmark Channel is having some really cute movies for the Season)br /Fave t.v. show–Ha! I have a 10-year-old daughter and we#39;re tuned in to Disney or Hub a lot of the time. I#39;ve rediscovered The Wonder Years with herbr /br /Congrats on your books, Miranda, and congrats on your moving party, Mia.

  12. MiaMarlowe says:

    Mary Ann–I#39;ve had cats, dogs, horses, gerbils, assorted goldfish and tadpoles as pets. After all that, I still have to admit I#39;m a dog person. It#39;s hard to overestimate the value of their unconditional love.

  13. MiaMarlowe says:

    Debra–I love Sleepless in Seattle too, but my only beef is that Meg and Tom get together in the last two minutes of the film. I feel like the story is just beginning and then it ends, but that#39;s just /br /Didn#39;t Alan Rickman play Col. Christopher Brandon in Sense and Sensibility? Who wouldn#39;t pick him over the feckless Willoughby?

  14. Mary Anne Landers says:

    Thanks for the favorites list, Miranda and Mia; and for asking us for our /br /Favorite book? Hoo boy, please don#39;t make me answer that one! Too many to list. And asking me who#39;s my favorite author would be irrelevant. I pick my reading based on the work, not the author. Maybe I shouldn#39;t say this on an author#39;s blog, but there you have /br /I was asked to pick my five fave films in a recent Facebook survey. I chose quot;Somewhere in Timequot;, my all-time favorite; then quot;From Here to Eternityquot;, quot;Star Warsquot; (the 1977 original), quot;Excaliburquot;, and the 1956 version of quot;The Ten Commandmentsquot;. Seeing as I#39;m a Buddhist, I#39;d have some explaining to do with that last one!br /br /Favorite actor: Again, too many to list. And since I#39;m a big fan of old Hollywood, many of the names wouldn#39;t ring a bell with most contemporary moviegoers. But I#39;m with Miranda, Mia, and Debra about Alan Rickman!br /br /Favorite ice cream: Any kind I can get. But not at this time of the year. Something hot, please!br /br /Favorite color: Greenbr /br /Favorite pet: Cats. I#39;ve had twelve over the past twenty years. Three are still with me. And two of them, Spartacus and Farrah, are sitting on my lap as I type /br /Favorite character: Again, an irrelevant question. As a reader and a writer, I#39;m more oriented to theme and plot. To my mind, these are what create great /br /Favorite vacation spot: I#39;ve never been on a vacation during my adult years, so I wouldn#39;t /br /Favorite TV show: quot;Charlie#39;s Angelsquot;. Well, what can I say? Either you like action series starring eye-candy actresses, or you don#39;t. br /br /Favorite song: Whichever ear worm has currently taken up residence in my hammer, anvil, and stirrup. br /br /I#39;m looking forward to the next blog post. Keep up the good work!

  15. Debra says:

    We have a lot in common, I love Pride And Prejudice, and I was a fan of Alan Rickman in Robin Hood. But I liked Sleepless in Seattle better. Sorry. But I am always waiting for your next books. They are excellant!!!!!

  16. MiaMarlowe says:

    Destiny–Thanks for sharing your favs. I love the beach too, though I used to be a committed mountain girl. I#39;ve lived within sight of the Rockies, BigHorns, Wasatch, Cascades and Olympics. Still miss the mountains, but being 10 minutes from the ocean helps.

  17. Destiny Booze, Novelist says:

    Ooh…I would love to win a book!br /br /But, I#39;m really bad at picking favorites. I can#39;t choose just one of most /br /Book – Uh, how about I choose a few favorite authors? I love Tami Hoag, Dean Koontz, Allison Brennan and Janet /br /Movie – Yikes, I can#39;t even narrow that down to the top /br /Actor – Constantly changing. Usually, it#39;s whatever hot actor I have a crush on at the /br /Ice Cream – It used to be cookies and cream, but I think it#39;s peanut butter /br /Color – Purple sounds good to /br /Character – Yogi Bear! Hey, hey, hey…what can I say? I grew up at a Jellystone /br /Pet – My dogs. I really think my cat hates me… /br /TV Show – Right now, it#39;s definitely Supernatural. I#39;m /br /Vacation Spot – The beach. I love it for exactly one week, then I#39;m ready to go crazy because of all the /br /Song – Changes daily, sometimes hourly. Right this very minute, it#39;s Hello World by Lady Antebellum. :)

  18. MiaMarlowe says:

    Miranda–I#39;m so with you on Alan Rickman. His voice is amazing, like worn velvet all soft and warm. I know he usually plays a villain, but you can#39;t deny that voice.

  19. MiaMarlowe says:

    Nynke–I can understand why you like to be with Asbjorn. He#39;s quite an entertaining fellow. What a personality!

  20. Nynke says:

    Thanks, Miranda, I think I just found a new ebook for my TBR list :).br /br /Naming specific favourite things is tricky – I can#39;t think of any really good ones except (1) favourite place in the world: with my boyfriend (sugary but true); (2) favourite romance subgenre: historical; (3) favourite season: summer (pity it#39;s ended again!).

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