Moving . . . er . . . Packing Party

The Scottish poet Robert Burns was right. The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oftimes gang agley.

I fully intended to start my grand Moving Party today, signalling the end of my blogging as Emily Bryan and focusing exclusively on this blog. I had a lovely string of guests lined up here for you and planned on tons of give-aways.

Then my DH came home with the news that he has to go to Amsterdam on November 8th for a week for business. And I get to tag along for pleasure! I’m so excited. I’ve never been to the Netherlands and I’d rather have an adventure that just about anything, so of course, I have to go. But that means I may have limited internet connectivity in Europe (I’ll have to scramble to get an electric converter for my little netbook) and I wouldn’t be able to support my blog guests.

Sooo . . . I’ve asked my guests if they mind shifting days to later in November and we’ll kick off the moving party with a leisurely packing party instead. Now instead of a week or two of moving, my party will string out over the whole month, but that just means more chances for YOU to win some freebies.

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Since I’ve lived in 9 different states, you’d think I’d know a thing or two about moving. Mostly I know it never goes exactly as you planned. I’ve criss-crossed the continent, but the worst move we ever made was from one floor to the next in the same building. I didn’t pack as well as I should have and ended up walking up and down the stairs with so many more smaller loads. Hmmm… think I’m seeing a cyber-parallel here.

Have you ever moved? What was the hardest thing about it? The easiest?

23 thoughts on “Moving . . . er . . . Packing Party

  1. Kathleen Bittner Roth says:

    I live in Europe and there is the quot;mobile stickquot; in use here, so you shouldn#39;t have any trouble getting the internet even if the building you are in doesn#39;t have it. I used one in between a recent move from Croatia to Budapest while I waited for my internet provider to connect.

  2. MiaMarlowe says:

    Jen–We moved a cat from Colorado to North Carolina once and Tommy Whiskers did not think it was a good idea at the time. Our vet gave us tranquilizers for him because without them, he leaped from the front to the back seats, yowling like the damned the whole time. With drugs, he was a happy kitty puddle.

  3. Jen Cryblskey says:

    I finally figured out how to follow your blog! Yay!! br /br /The hardest thing about moving for our family is trying to find a way for our cat to be comfortable during the move, he meows all the /br /The best thing about moving for me is the chance to start over with new friends.

  4. MiaMarlowe says:

    Linda–The fun thing about unpacking is seeing how your stuff looks in the new place, but it does involve, as packing does, lots of decisions. Guess that is my bugaboo–making decisions about what should go and where it should live once it gets there.

  5. MiaMarlowe says:

    MrsShukra–OH, I#39;d hate leaving Hawaii too. Actually the hardest thing about each of my moves was saying goodbye to our friends (and sometimes family.)

  6. MiaMarlowe says:

    Joelle–Perfect packers, huh? There are times when I#39;m glad I#39;m not afflicted with perfectionism. Moving is one of those times.

  7. MiaMarlowe says:

    Ash–Let me know if there#39;s someplace I should visit in connection with your ancestors while I#39;m in Holland and I#39;ll take a picture for you!

  8. Linda Henderson says:

    To me the easiest thing about moving is the packing, the hardest unpacking.

  9. mrsshukra says:

    Have a fabulous vacay in Amsterdam! br /br /Hardest thing about moving was leaving Hawaii (saying goodbye and the packing)! Easiest thing was returning to Hawaii (the packing)!

  10. Refhater says:

    We used to move once a year when I was growing up. Packing was tricky considering every one of us has OCD and everything had to be perfectly packed. I swear loading the truck was like a giant game of /br /The worst part of moving was trying to find something after we were all moved in. br /br /Have fun in /Joelle

  11. Ashlyn Chase says:

    I#39;m so excited for you! Can#39;t wait to hear all about the land of my ancestors when you get back!br /br /(My mother#39;s first ancestor in this country came over from Holland with Peter Stuyvesant#39;s army in the 1600#39;s.) br /br /Ash

  12. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Jane. br /br /Moving someone else has to be harder than moving yourself. Especially if you have to light a fire under them to pack.

  13. MiaMarlowe says:

    Marcy–I#39;m having fun planning for the trip. We#39;ll be within walking distance of lots of cool things to see. I#39;m totally pumped about it.

  14. Jane L says:

    I wish you all the best in your adventures! You are a gracious lady and of course my insperation to keep writing! Thank you! Have a safe and wonderful /br /we have moved two kids in the last five months from state to state. UGH!!!!!! Is all I can say.

  15. Marcy W says:

    Oohhh, I just realized, you#39;ll surely have a chance to accomplish #6 on your personal bucket list! Lots of boats in Amsterdam, and they would clearly take you someplace new, right?! Makes the trip even more worthwhile :-)

  16. Marcy W says:

    I#39;ve moved ten times just since I married (at least that many times as a kid, but my mother was responsible for those!), and because of that, moving is the way I knew to keep the amount of STUFF to a reasonable level! Now that we#39;re more settled, I find that STUFF multiplies by itself, or so it seems . . . so moving is a good thing, a lot of the time. br /I think being able to stretch a move — whether from one website to another, or homes across the world — makes it easier, so your plans for this #39;virtual move#39; sound great, and surely fun for those of us who just watch :-) . Besides, we#39;ll have the fun of hearing about your trip, so it#39;s all good. Have oodles of fun!

  17. MiaMarlowe says:

    Nan–We used to keep 2 horses when we lived in Wyoming but we had 5.5 acres for them to run around on. Still miss those hayburners. br /br /Thanks for your support of my change to Mia.

  18. Obe says:

    I have moved once in my life. When we bought the second horse and still lived in the 3/4 acre lot in Va.Beach. Yeah, we figured the neighbors might be a bit more upset. One horse could fertilize gardens but two.. I pushed the boundaries. At ten, it was such a big adventure until we hit the country. No streetlights, no neighbors to play hide and seek – if you could see that is. It was very dark in those days. But would I have changed it. No, there was always an exciting adventure just around the bend. I will miss Emily but welcome Mia to the /Nan

  19. MiaMarlowe says:

    Nynke–I can#39;t wait to explore your lovely country. Looks like we#39;ll be staying in a downtown Amsterdam hotel. It#39;s a couple of houses that were originally built in 1650 and joined together later. It was updated in 2006, so I#39;m hopeful I#39;ll have internet, but you never know. br /br /Packing is hard because you have to make thousands of decision. Do I keep this or not? Why have I kept it this long? If I haven#39;t unpacked this box since my last move, do I really need whatever#39;s inside?

  20. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks, J! Hope you#39;ll pop by often.

  21. Nynke says:

    Oh, by the way, please don#39;t include me in the draw, since I already own Stroke of Genius :).

  22. Nynke says:

    I think it#39;s great that you#39;re coming to Holland, and I really hope you#39;ll enjoy your stay (and have wifi access in your hotel)!br /br /The hardest thing about moving is usually getting packed on time, and the easiest is driving to my new home – it#39;s never taken more than 7 hours and it#39;s always been done by a friend or family member, because I can#39;t drive :). br /br /I guess if I ever get to move in with someone that will be harder, since it#39;ll either involve rearranging of my boyfriend#39;s home or it#39;ll be a three-home operation. Whew!

  23. J says:

    Such a fun idea for the transition! And have a wonderful trip.

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