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After the success of Twilight lots of authors are branching out into the YA sub-genre. At the risk of chasing the market, some writers may jump on the bandwagon without really understanding the unique expectations of younger readers. Of course, the fact that many older readers also enjoy these stories adds another healthy dollop of requirements for the writer. However, I know a seasoned pro who’s more than up to this challenge–Mary Jo Putney!

Here’s a blurb from her newest: Dark Passage. It’s a mix of magic, mystery, time-travel and history with a YA perspective. I’m hooked!

Dark Passage

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The Irregulars return home to 1803 England safely, but their worldview has changed. Not only have their heroic efforts at Dunkirk given them pride and confidence, but their dangerous mission has increased their magical powers.

Tory delights in the ever-deepening bond she shares with Allarde, until she discovers how powerfully he is connected to his ancient family estate—the lands he will not inherit unless he denies his magical powers and chooses a non-magical mate. If Tory really loves him, she must walk away—but does she have the strength to leave the love of her life?

Cynthia’s heroic efforts at Dunkirk have won her the respect of the Irregulars, but her sharp tongue keeps everyone at a distance. Isolated and very alone at Lackland Abbey over the Christmas holidays, Cynthia reluctantly agrees to join Jack Rainford and his family for their holiday celebration even though they’re commoners, far below her own noble rank. The warm acceptance of the Rainfords makes her feel happier and more accepted than she has ever felt. But she can’t possibly be falling in love with flirtatious Jack! Can she?

Then the Irregulars are drawn into a dangerous attempt to rescue a vitally important French scientist from Nazi-occupied France. Countless lives are at stake, but when their mission goes awry, will they all survive to return home?

Sounds intriguing for readers of any age! MJ wrote a short story about how Allarde was sent to Lackland Abbey. “Fallen From Grace is available as a free download on the St. Martin’s website or on Amazon. I urge you to pop over to claim yours now.

Happy Reading!

Question for the day: If you’re an adult reader, what YA book has hooked you recently? If you’re not an adult reader, what are you doing on my website, my dear? I recommend MJ Putney’s for you. ;-)

13 thoughts on “MJ Putney’s Genre Leap

  1. Aurian says:

    I am an adult reading, and just can’t really enjoy YA. Or I just have not yet found the right one. I prefer reading about more mature people.

  2. librarypat says:

    I haven’t read much in the YA genre in the past couple of years, but when i was working as a children’s librarian, I was pleased by the number and quality of books written for that sub-genre. This sounds like an exciting addition to what is becoming a collection rich in variety and selections. I have been surprised by some of the authors that have expanded to the YA market. Some are doing an excellent job.

  3. Not being biased, here, but whatever genre MJ writes, I’ll read. And that goes for Mia’s books, too. Actually, the YA that currently holds my attention is the YA paranormal one of my CPs is writing (and topping the contest rounds).

    But I’ll pick up DARK PASSAGE–ASAP. It sounds terrific.

  4. Barbara Britton says:

    I’m a YA author and I love your blog Mia! I read historicals for a break from the teen world. I’ve always been drawn to teens and teen ministry. Now I live with two teen boys and all their friends.
    I will have to pick up Mary Jo’s book. The “Crossover” I just finished was the Hunger Games’ trilogy. Mockingjay with its portrayal of the psychological and emotional effects of war still echoes with me. Can you tell I like lighter novels?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      So glad you enjoy my blog, Barbara. I always look forward to your comments.

      I think it’s great that MJ has joined historicals with a YA perspective. Of course, historically the concept of childhood and adolescence is really fairly recent. Kids were pretty much expected to act like little adults.

  5. Thanks for the lovely shout out, Mia! I’m having such fun with these books–it’s possible to mix a lot of different elements in YA–and I do. *g*

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks for popping by, MJ! I can’t wait to read Dark Passage.

  6. catslady says:

    The last one that got me hooked was The Hunger Games and now I hear there is going to be a movie. Of course there was Harry Potter and then Twilight. I just got a copy of Glow but haven’t started it yet. Thanks for the heads up on Mary Jo.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      My daughter really got into the Hunger Games, but I haven’t snatched it from her yet.

  7. Marcy W says:

    Thanks for this info … I’d no idea MJ was writing now in this genre, and the blurb definitely caught my attention — how imaginative it sounds! Time travel is one of my favorite paranormal groups, so this looks really interesting.
    I’ve found quite a few books written for the YA market that I’ve loved — good writing is good writing, right?! Cornelia Funke’s Inkspell series; Stroud’s Bartemeus books, the Inheritence series by Paolini, and especially Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles (two of three out; the third will likely take years — he’s slow, but very good!). . . . all are full of imaginative plots, characters, and ideas. They take me away, into a new and different world and time — and that’s usually what I’m looking for when reading for pleasure.
    Thanks, Mia. I’m off to order Dark Passage!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      You’ll thank me later, Marcy!

  8. eli yanti says:

    hi mia and mj,
    i love reading all genre book especially HR and YA.Just sharing my book’s collestion is 50% HR/Romance and 50% YA/Paranormalcy.
    there’re so many YA’s book i love but the book really hooked me when i read is iron fey series,i think julie kagawa is very fabulous,aweful and smart author.i can’t put it down when reading iron king (book1) and of course i love Ash the winter prince (hero from this book).other books is vampire accademy.

    1. Mia says:

      I really love that MJ has incorporated such magical elements in her YA.

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