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Update: Thanks for spending a little of your Memorial Day with us. I love to hear from YOU! Elisabeth Naughton’s winner is (drumroll, please!) JULIE! Please drop me an email with your snailmail info and I’ll forward your address to Elisabeth.

If you didn’t win, please don’t despair. My contest is still running and the prize is a whole box of box suitable for beach reading! Be sure to visit again next Monday when my guest blogger will be Anita Clenney and her Highland Warriors. Of course, I’ll be here throughout the week too with the odd observation. Enjoy!

Hope you’re enjoying your long holiday weekend. I’ve been reading like a fiend. After the cookout, I plan to dive back into Mad about the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle, which I recommend to all historical lovers. But I also enjoy a gripping romantic suspense and I’ve been a fan of today’s blog guest since I read her STOLEN FURY. You’re in for a treat! Please welcome my blog guest, the very talented Elisabeth Naughton and her latest release!

Bodyguards in BedBig thanks to Mia for having me here today! I’m really excited because my first Kensington Brava book releases tomorrow. BODYGUARDS IN BED is a romantic suspense anthology featuring Lucy Monroe, Jamie Denton and yours truly. Not only is romantic suspense one of my first loves, but my novella in this book holds a special place in my heart. Why? Because it marks the end of a very special series.

When I was first asked to participate in this anthology I had only one requirement: my novella had to include a bodyguard. I’d never written about a bodyguard before, but I almost immediately knew my heroine—supermodel Lauren Kauffman. Those of you who read my Stolen Series will recognize Lauren’s name. Though she never showed up on any of the pages, she was referenced in all three books. In STOLEN FURY, it was Lauren’s fancy Key Biscayne house where Lisa and Rafe took refuge for a few days. In STOLEN HEAT, Pete talked quite a bit about his sister Lauren and their childhood growing up. And in STOLEN SEDUCTION Lauren’s name comes up again when Hailey and Shane wound up back in Southern Florida.

When I finished the last book in the trilogy—STOLEN SEDUCTION—I was happy with the way the series ended. I didn’t feel there were any threads left hanging or characters that didn’t get their happily ever after—except Lauren. She’d always captivated me, but since she never physically showed up on any pages, her HEA wasn’t imperative. However, Acapulco Heat, my novella in BODYGUARDS IN BED gave me the opportunity to finally give her what she (and I) had been missing. And with the conclusion of this novella, I finally have closure.

I also have a beginning. Because Lauren isn’t the bodyguard in this book. She’s the model being “guarded”. And her bodyguard works for an elite security company which is so intriguing, it has the potential to spawn a whole new series. It’s something I’m playing with right now. I love writing romantic suspense, especially stories like this that are fast paced, suspenseful and sexy as hell, and this novella was so much fun, I can’t wait to dive back into this exciting world.

Just to give you a sneak peak, here’s a quick blurb about my novella, Acapulco Heat, the BODYGUARDS IN BED anthology:

Acapulco Heat by Elisabeth Naughton

Sun, sand, skin and plenty of sex. That’s the name of the game in beautiful Acapulco.

Bodyguard Finn Tierney’s new gig in the sultry city is nothing short of perfect. Too bad he can’t stand it. Hired to protect supermodel Lauren Kauffman during her very public, very sexy cosmetic shoot on the beach, Finn’s itching for a serious assignment and the chance to get away from the hot bod who’s set her sights set on him. Their mutual attraction has been brewing for some time, but he’s got no use for the super wealthy, isn’t about to become another diva’s boy toy. His no-fun-at-work motto might get him booted out of her bed, but when danger strikes, she won’t be able to shake him. And when he discovers things aren’t what they seem and that she’s more than a pretty face and smokin’ body, all bets are off. Lauren Kauffman’s about to take Finn for a ride he never saw coming. And there’s no telling who will survive.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

One lucky commenter today will win an autographed copy of BODYGUARDS IN BED! Just tell me…are you a fan of bodyguard stories? Why or why not?


Elisabeth NaughtonA former junior high science teacher, Elisabeth Naughton traded in her red pen and test tube set for a laptop and research books. She now writes sexy romantic adventure and paranormal novels full time from her home in western Oregon where she lives with her husband and three children. Her work has been nominated for numerous awards including the prestigious RITA® awards by Romance Writers of America, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, The Golden Leaf and the Golden Heart. When not writing, Elisabeth can be found running, hanging out at the ball park or dreaming up new and exciting adventures. Visit her at to learn more.

24 thoughts on “Memorial Day Giveaway!

  1. OK, the body guard is a wonderful hero, the super model a great heroine, but you dawg you, having to go to Acapulco to get that first hand research done. I’m thinking Bimini Heat, Cancun Heat… this series has ALL KINDS of potential….Best of luck!

  2. Robin Kaye says:

    Elisabeth–I’m so excited to read this! I loved your Stolen series and read them in 3 days, I always wondered about Lauren. Oh, and I think the bodyguard series sounds awesome.

  3. Jenny C says:

    I love bodyguard stories, what’s not to love,
    alpha males, action, danger and romance. I admit I have a weakness for these kind of stories. Your blurb has hooked me and I can’t wait to read it.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Happy release day tomorrow!

  4. Barbara Britton says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Your story blurb sounds amazing! I have never read a book about a bodyguard, but loved the movie with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston–that dates me a bit!

    Happy release day tomorrow!

  5. Julie says:

    I love bodyguard books, especially when the bodyguard works for an entire team of able men and women. Can anybody say “series”? :D

    Happy pre-release day!

  6. Chelsea B. says:

    Though I haven’t read one, I think I am going to become a big, big fan ;-)

    1. mackenzie kramer says:

      I generally only read historical, but I love soldiers!

  7. Quilt Lady says:

    I do like bodyguard books, and love romantic suspense! This book has some great authors and I would love to read it. Thanks, for sharing.

  8. Thank you for your post, Elisabeth; and everyone else for your comments.

    I think bodyguards have great potential as romantic-suspense heroes. And yes, heroines! The bodyguard and client must work together and get to know each other quite well indeed. A dangerous situation gives romance more of an edge. And vice-versa.

    BTW, I know of one—only one—real-life story of a bodyguard and client who fell in love. It concerns someone whose name might not be familiar to many of you, though she certainly made headlines during the 1970s.

    I’m referring to Patricia Hearst. She fell in love with and married one of her bodyguards, a former cop named Bernie Shaw. As far as I know, they’re still together after 32 years.

    But this certainly isn’t what Patricia became famous for! That’s a long, sad story.

    Good luck with “Acapulco Heat” and your new series.

  9. Beth, how exciting! Best of luck on your manuscript!

    To answer your question…I did a lot of research on a private security company that does more than just personal protection – they also do hostage negotiations, extractions, locate missing persons, etc. I modeled the agency my bodyguard works for after this. And I also researched quite a bit of military info – all the members of this particular firm are ex-military in one capacity or another, though they’re recruited from around the world – and to top it all off I picked my hubby’s brain. Not only is he one of those “alpha” guys, he was also in the Air Force for twelve years.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Maria,

    Happy Memorial Day to you too.

    My romantic suspense books tend to be very fast paced and my novella in this anthology is no different. That’s one aspect of the whole RS genre I just really love…writing the whole “love on the run” angle. Danger, intrigue AND hot romance. What’s not to love?

  11. Stacie – ditto. :) That’s what I love about romance too – watching that tough guy hero fall for the heroine. And it’s especially intriguing to watch when he knows he shouldn’t fall.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Nina – you hit it! So glad you enjoy bodyguard stories. I think that’s why they’re a recurring theme in romantic suspense.

  13. Jen,

    On this Memorial Day let me say thank you for your service in the armed forces!

    I think bodyguard stories are appealing for the exact reason you stated – the alpha, take-care tendency the profession promotes. I hope you enjoy the anthology!

  14. Hi Joelle,

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the Stolen Series. I love writing RS – so much action, adventure and heat. (Gotta have the heat).

    I hear you on the laundry and kids and the grind of daily life. Books are a great escape!

  15. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by. Love hearing that readers enjoy bodyguard stories!

  16. Beth Yarnall says:

    I love body guard stories so much I’m writing one. What research did you do to make your body guard more real?

  17. Maria D. says:

    Congrats on your new book!

    I love bodyguard stories, I love the action and suspense that always takes place in the story along with the romance between the characters. It’s one of my favorite subgenres in romance!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  18. StacieDM says:

    I love bodyguard stories. They try so hard to not get involved with the person they are protecting. Of course it wouldn’t be a romance if they didn’t indulge in their attraction. I like to see that moment when they go from being purely professional to having feelings for the person.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    1. StacieDM says:

      Please exclude me from the contest. I just wanted to comment on the how much I love bodyguard stories. Good luck everyone!

  19. Nina Pierce says:

    There is something about a bodyguard that makes my heart beat a little faster. The whole alpha hero watching, but becoming involved until … well, he can’t help himself. There are so many wonderful movies about bodyguards who wouldn’t give up despite insurmountable odds. *sigh* Did I mention I love body guards?

  20. Jen Cryblskey says:

    To be honest, I’ve never read a book about “bodyguards”. But, I have read many books where a strong male has willingly or unwillingly helped a woman through perils. I was in the Army and quite capable of taking care of myself but always had fantasies of a man that was willing to protect me anyway. Ever since high school I always said my “type” was one who looked like he could pick me up and throw me. Happy Memorial Day and I’m looking forward to reading something new :D

  21. Joelle Beebe says:

    I love bodyguard stories! I use reading as an escape from my day to day life. They’re MUCH more exciting than working 8 + hours, washing 3 loads of laundry, potty training toddlers, and trying to get that stubborn red juice stain out of the white carpet. Congrats on the new release and Happy Memorial Day! Loved the Stolen series.

  22. Linda Townsend says:

    I do like bodyguard stories… I like both the sexual tension and the play on emotions that is found in most of the bodyguard scenarios. Congrats on your new release and thanks for the giveaway…

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