Maiden Song by Mia Marlowe

Publisher: Ten Talents Press
Published: February 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1452497570

Songs of the North, Book 1

Maidensong–a love story. Forbidden in some realms, skalds who are brave enough to compose one risked death, for love is the most powerful force on earth. And often, the most treacherous.

When Rika sings the Norse legends, every other voice falls silent. She lives for the joy of her art, until the terrible day when she’s taken captive and made a slave to Bjorn the Black. She vows to hate him forever, but love doesn’t always recognize the enemy.

No one is more surprised than Bjorn when his slave takes his heart captive. But now that he’s oath-bound to deliver her to another man’s arms, is it a love too late? Sailing down wild rivers to a perilous foreign land, they discover the most dangerous journey is the distance from one heart to another.