Mack the WonderDog Needs Your Help

My scheduled blog guest has had a family emergency so I thought I’d let Mack the WonderDog step into the gap.

He’s not terribly enthusiastic about it. In fact, he’s not feeling well at all. He pined for us while we were in Amsterdam, even though he was extremely well cared for by our daughter. The nervous little Nellie has licked his feet till they are raw and sore.

We’ve tried a special diet for him. We’ve made him wear the “booties of shame” to try to stop his licking. Nothing seems to work.

So, Mack is ready to hear your ideas for how to solve his little mental problem. How can we help him not to lick his feet?

12 thoughts on “Mack the WonderDog Needs Your Help

  1. MiaMarlowe says:

    He#39;s doing better today. I think he was mostly worried about misplacing part of his pack last week.

  2. Jane L says:

    childrens liquid Benadryl is what they had us give our puppy too!

  3. MiaMarlowe says:

    Clove oil, huh? I may have to try it. I just want to make sure whatever I put on his feet doesn#39;t irritate him further.

  4. Fritzi says:

    Poor Mack!br /Clove oil is supposed to prevent the licking – but some hardy dogs just ignore the bitter taste…

  5. MiaMarlowe says:

    Jane–It#39;s a thought. I have heard of that for thumb-sucking. Foot licking is obviously a self-comforting behavior like thumb /br /Right now Mack#39;s doing ok because I#39;m in the writing chair and he#39;s in his favorite cuddle spot beside me. It#39;s only when I#39;m up and about cleaning or something that he gets nervous.

  6. Jane says:

    I don#39;t have any advice for Mack, but I#39;ve heard that some parents dip their kids fingers in vinegar to stop them from sucking their thumbs.

  7. MiaMarlowe says:

    Carolynn–I catch him in the closet licking away. He knows he#39;s not supposed to do it, but he can#39;t seem to help himself. br /br /Mack takes it hard when part of his pack is missing. When we first moved to Boston, he stayed in MO with our daughter. The little fellow stopped eating and lost 6 pounds. For a 19 pound dog that was significant and our daughter had to put him on anti-depressants. He was overjoyed when our daughter moved to Boston to join us and brought him along too. br /br /What can you do with a neurotic terrier?

  8. MiaMarlowe says:

    Nynke–Yes, it#39;s possible. We#39;ve gone through this with him before. He licks until the skin is irritated, then he chews the hair off between his toes. br /br /He#39;s been on a special allergenic food for a while now, but I confess I do still give him an occasional bite of meat from my plate. I may have to stop spoiling him like that.

  9. MiaMarlowe says:

    Anonymous–We have some chewable children#39;s Benadryl. I think I#39;ll crush half a tablet and see if I can mellow him out for awhile, poor little guy.

  10. Carolynn Estes says:

    OMG! My dog licks her feet to death. She also chews hot spots. But she#39;s got allergies, so it isn#39;t mental. She#39;s allergic to corn and rice and must eat special food. But worse than that, she#39;s allergic to mold, fleas, cedar, alders, several other trees here in the PNW, cats!, and several other things I can#39;t remember. If it#39;s mental, Mack would tell you to stop traveling ;) We#39;ve yelled at the dog so much for it, she will only do it in secret now. Not sure you can get them to stop, but allergy medicine might work. Shots were too expensive for us to continue . . .

  11. Nynke says:

    Poor Mack! Is it actually caninely possible to lick one#39;s paws until they#39;re raw?

  12. Anonymous says:

    My dog licks and chews his feet all of the time – and our vet said it#39;s because of his allergies. Barnaby gets allergy shots. His advice to Mack is to try Benedryl. Since Barnaby is a St. Bernard, he get#39;s adult pills, but Mack would probably need a children#39;s dose :0)

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