Love, Laughs and ... Assassins?

Leslie Langtry and I first crossed paths back when we were writing for Dorchester Publishing. Now we’ve both moved on. But I recently had a chance to catch up with this inventive author of a totally unique comedy series.

Just how unique, you ask? Listen in on our conversation.

Mia: I love the quirky juxtaposition of romance with a family of assassins. How on earth did you ever come up with the premise?

Leslie: I had a dream about them, actually. When I woke up, Gin Bombay (‘SCUSE ME WHILE I KILL THIS GUY) wouldn’t shut up. She kept going on and on in my head till I sat down and wrote up the first three chapters. And that was it. That was the first book I sold to New York, so I think maybe I was onto something there. This was before MR. & MRS. SMITH – so the time was ripe. I’ve since gotten the rights back to the four Bombay books I wrote from Dorchester – in fact, ‘SCUSE ME WHILE I KILL THIS GUY is available free on Amazon, Smashwords and Apple for the month of June.

Mia: Wow! What a deal and a great way to get started on your series! Here’s the link for that freebie, folks. So tell us about your heroes and heroines, Leslie.

Leslie: I write what I like to read – so my characters are normal, average people – if you consider assassins normal, that is. Gin Bombay, in the first book, is in her late 30’s, a widowed soccer mom/assassin with the same kind of issues that everyone has – idiots in the family, evil PTA president, starting a Girl Scout troop, meeting a cute guy who turns out to be the bodyguard of your next target…that kind of thing.

Each book in the series is different. The second book, GUNS WILL KEEP US TOGETHER, features Dakota Bombay – Gin’s younger, playboy brother. He has a different set of problems. Gin still features in all the books – but each book is about a different family member. The third book, STAND BY YOUR HITMAN is about Missi Bombay – the family’s inventor. She’s in her early forties, widowed with two teenage twin boys, and finds herself on a cheap Canadian knock-off of Survivor. The fourth book, I SHOT YOU BABE, is about Cy Bombay – a carney with a Ph.D. in philosophy from an ivy league school, who travels in his tricked out RV with a guinea pig named Sartre. Last year, I added a novella, featuring Paris Bombay – Gin, Dak, Missi, and Cy’s cousin. PARADISE BY THE RIFLE SIGHTS is shorter than the other books, but a lot of fun to write.

Mia: I read on your website that you’re a Girl Scout leader. So, how does a Scout leader come up with inventive ways for her assassins to do away with folks?

Leslie: Well, there’s knots, and zip lines, and archery – a lot of which I use in my books. Mostly my information comes from my husband – a former bodyguard who now works for the military. He has a larger library on assassination than our local library. It helps to be able to ask him just how long you have to hold on to the garrote when strangling someone – stuff like that.

My Girl Scouts have been with me for 9 years – and I do not train them to kill people. Well, not yet at least…

Mia: Your husband tells you how long it takes to garrote someone? My DH only volunteers to help research my love scenes! So what’s next for you?

Leslie: I’m currently working on a collection of Bombay short stories through history, called SNUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON. I’ve had a lot of fans ask if the Bombays were involved in famous hits through history, and how the family built up the business. I’m really having fun with that one. I’m a total history geek – so putting the Bombays in the path of Julius Caesar, Aethelred the Unready and many, many others has been fun.

Mia: Snort! What fun. Where can readers learn more?

Leslie: My website, which I suck at updating but promise to reform – My facebook page is updated a lot and I do sneak peeks there and at I blog every last Friday at and review humor books for every fourth Thursday. Those are the best ways to find out what I’m doing.

Scuse Me While I Kill this Guy

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AND, I love it when fans email me at I’m still stunned that people actually like my books!

Ill do a giveaway of a signed, print copy of I SHOT YOU BABE to one lucky commenter. Here are my links for ‘SCUSE ME – it’s also only 99cents for Nook. Readers can link to the other books there.




Leslie LangtryAbout the Author:

Leslie Langtry is the author of the Bombays Greatest Hits series:

‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy, Guns Will Keep Us Together, Stand By Your Hitman, I Shot You Babe, & Paradise By The Rifle Sights

Leslie loves puppies and cake (but she will not share her cake with puppies) and thinks praying mantids make everything better. She lives with her family and assorted animals in the Midwest, where she is currently working on her next book.

Thanks for dropping by, Leslie and thanks for the giveaway offer! Ok, folks. Now it’s your turn to ask Leslie whatever you’d like. Remember someone will win a print version of I SHOT YOU BABE!

11 thoughts on “Love, Laughs and … Assassins?

  1. Nynke says:

    I love the idea of a guinea pig named Sartre, and as a kind-of-anglosaxonist, I also love the idea of the Bombays versus Æthelred the Unready. I`ll go check out the ebook freebie ASAP – so please don’t include me in the drawing!

    1. Nynke says:

      I’ve just finished ‘Scuse me while I kill this guy and downloaded the next one in the series — I’m hooked! Yay! :)

  2. eli yanti says:

    the title and the cover is enticing me :)

  3. Thanks Kari! I will tell them immediately!

  4. Karri Lyn Halley says:

    What a funny interview. If the books are even half as funny, I’m sold. I’ll be heading over to Amazon right now. (Okay my husband will be since I don’t know how to do that.) And tell your kids to add another person to the “thinks Mom’s funny list.”

  5. Let me know what you think Stephanie!

  6. Stephanie Queen says:

    OMG! The titles alone are hilarious!! I can’t wait to read what’s inside!
    Stephanie Queen

  7. Thanks Janene! I need to tell my kids that other people think I’m funny! They won’t believe it – but I’ll tell them!

  8. Janene says:

    It’s so good to see Leslie here. I LOVE this book series. The characters and the writing are so fun…and funny — just like Leslie, herself!

  9. Hi Linda! Thanks! Always great to hear from another Lollie!

  10. HI Langtree! Another former Dorchester author here, loving that you’re moving ahead with these. The titles grabbed me when I first saw them, and ‘KILL THIS GUY is really fun.

    Great – another series! Way to go. Can’t wait to see them.

    All the best to a survivor.

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