Lord of Devil Isle

Written with Connie Mason

Lord of Devil Isle by Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe

Publisher: Ten Talents Press
Published: October 2012
ISBN-10: 0843964030

Prison, Shipwreck, Shark Attack…

Is Eve Upshall jumping from the frying pan into the fire when she lets a half-naked stranger pull her from the stormy sea? Captain Nicholas Scott is a rogue who takes advantage of every situation, whether it’s salvaging priceless loot or seducing a proper lady. And he makes it very clear he plans to take advantage of his new find in the most delicious way possible.

Eve’s whole future depends on everyone believing she’s the soul of propriety. But with Nick refusing to transport her to her prospective bridegroom, and the balmy Bermuda nights whispering of wicked pleasure, how can any woman resist the lure of the … LORD OF DEVIL ISLE.