Join me at Casababes!

Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog know Dr. Nynke, a frequent commenter. She sent me an email recently with a link to a wonderful website for a Viking museum with fascinating pictures and details that have helped her flesh out her mental pictures for Lord of Fire and Ice. I’m sharing the link over at Casababes today. Thanks, Nynke! Hope you’ll all join me there.

I also wanted to share another email that I received last week. I try not to read reviews unless my publisher sends me a link. But I read every email I receive from readers. This one made my day!

Hi Mia:

I just finished reading a Touch of a Thief. WOW! I loved it! I can’t believe I have never read any of your books before. You write the perfect historical romance books as far as I am concerned. Great heroes, heroine and characters, great love scenes, great paranormal and a fun adventure. Love, love, love it! I am on to the next book Touch of a Scoundrel. I will be going through all your books one right after another. You have made my summer. :)

Thanks so much for that affirmation! I love it when a new reader finds me.

How about you? Have you discovered a new-to-you author this summer? I’m falling in love with Sarah MacLean’s prose lately.

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