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THE MADNESS OF LORD WESTFALL smallThe release of The Madness of Lord Westfall is almost upon us! I love this story and freely confess that Pierce Langdon is my favorite hero to date. Hope you’ll love him too. 

Readers always want to know what a book is about before they commit several hours of their lives to the story, so let me give you a few insights. And since brevity is the soul of wit, I’ll use as few words as possible.

The Madness of Lord Westfall premise in one line:

When Pierce Langdon, Lord Westfall fell from an oak tree as a boy, the accident so rattled his brain, it left him hearing voices. Now he’s fallen again…this time for a totally unsuitable woman! 

(Ok, that was two lines, but you get the idea.)

Which came first? Plot, premise or people?

My hero came first. We first meet Pierce in The Curse of Lord Stanstead (Book One in the series). He’s both strong and vulnerable, funny without meaning to be and once he gives his heart, it stays given. I couldn’t wait to write his story. Who wouldn’t be fascinated by a guy who’s spent time confined to Bedlam?

What do I love about The Madness of Lord Westfall?

Other than my hero? The theme of redemption and the way love binds up the hurts of our pasts and makes us whole speaks to me. I hope it’ll speak to you too.

My favorite advances review quote:

I’m thrilled to share that there have been lots of terrific ones, but one of my favs was the review with a 5 star rating from a Goodreads reader:

“I never thought I would start with this sentence… I fell for a man who has been in a prisoner in Bedlam. But when you read this wonderful tale you will too.”

The Madness of Lord Westfall is the second in the Order of the MUSE series, but the early reviews say it reads like a stand-alone. But the review that really matters is yours. Please let me know what you think.

Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “Join in the Madness…

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi. Will Duke of Camden get his own book?

  2. marianne denning says:

    Just finished The Madness…all I can say is that Pierce is my favorite hero – I think ever! He is so hurt and scared – not to mentioned abused. But he is such a good man that love changes everything for him. This book is so well written – the only thing I would have enjoyed more is about another 300 pages of his life…his childhood … everything. Thank you Mia for a truly exceptional story.

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