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Google alerts me to sites where  Touch of a Thief is mentioned. This version of my back cover blurb isn’t exactly as Kensington intended:

In 1856 Lady Viola Preston turns to concealing to ready her kinsfolk from dropping into business ruin. She is alarming at inaugural some lock, her income concern is robbing jewelry. However, her difficulty with attractive jewels is that when she touches a someone with her hands, she sees visions. Thus she uses gloves.

In India, a malefactor takes a valuable flushed parcel from a temple. Fearing the ferocious effect when the thieving becomes famous by the topical populace, Captain Greydon Quinn seeks the someone to alter it backwards to its rightful place. He needs a felon to grownup a felon so he keeps a hardworking receptor discover for a destined felid burglar. His surveillance entireness as he catches Viola and blackmails her into retrieving the taken grace from a deliveryman. Their trek takes them onto the chaste and backwards to author as the clues establish false, but their magnet proves true.

This diverting age humanities suspense grips the reverend modify before the advance pair meets, but takes soured erst they do. The news distinction is fast-paced as the state moves from Bharat to Europe, but it is the characters who attain the strategy elating recreation as the felon steals the distinction officer’s hunch patch they catch the taken diamond.

OK. I’m glad my hero and heroine’s magnet proves true, but what’s a “hunch patch?”

3 thoughts on “Jabberwocky Reviews

  1. Mia Marlowe says:

    It was good for a giggle at least!

  2. Good grief! Sure sounds like someone put the back-cover copy and a review through Google Translator or Babel Fish. For some jobs, there’s still no substitute for human beings!

    1. Nynke says:

      I guess, but how? Why? I’m stumped…

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