I was Tagged!

I’m here in Chicago getting ready for the first day of workshops I’ll be giving for the Aspiring Authors before the Romantic Times Convention begins in earnest on Wednesday. But my friend Bronwen Evans has tagged me in an internet game so I have to play.

It’s called the Lucky 7 game and the tagged author has to post a segment from one of her books. It must be from p. 77, starting at line 7 and going on for the next 7. Talk about random. Here’s hoping something coherent pops out.

Touch of a Rogue

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Oh, good. In Touch of a Rogue, it looks like Jacob and Julianne are discussing the inequality of the sexes:

“No matter how mean a man may be, a man is still captain of his own fate,” Julianne said. “You’ve never had to be at the mercy of others.”

“I fail to see how–”

“Are you treated as if you were an imbecile or a child, incapable of understanding the simplest matters of business or scholarship?”


I am. You saw it for yourself in the way Lord Digory treated me in the King’s Arms.” She spat the words out. “Have you ever been used as a plaything by members of the opposite sex?”

Hope you enjoyed it. Now I’m supposed to tag 7 other authors. I’ll be calling out Monica Burns, Lila DiPasqua, Ashlyn Chase, Nicola Cornick, Grace Burrowes, Kris Kennedy, and Marie Force. Visit their blogs to see if they’ve posted an excerpt for the Lucky 7 game. Even if they don’t, they’re all worth visiting to try out some of their regular excerpts!

Oh, and be sure to pop by Bronwen Evans site since she started this whole thing! ;-)

Have fun!

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  1. Ashlyn Chase says:

    Okay, I’ll play. (I finished my word count for the day.) *Grin*

    Here’s my blog address: http://ashlynchase.blogspot.com/

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