How To Please A Pirate

How To Please A Pirate by Mia Marlowe

Publisher: Ten Talents Press
Published: May 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1452406817
ASIN: B0083VL6P6

How To Series, Book 1

When Captain Gabriel Drake earns a royal pardon and comes home to Cornwall, he finds himself elevated to lord of the manor with the added complication of being responsible for his five orphaned nieces.

He’s also obliged to wed, bed and breed an heir on a well-born lady as soon as possible to secure the barony or it will be devolved to the Crown. Since Gabriel’s pardon for piracy requires him never to enter the city of London again, he can’t pursue a bride in typical marriage mart fashion. And the fact that he only wants Jacquelyn Wren, the bastard daughter of a courtesan who couldn’t possibly satisfy the King’s requirements to become his baroness, means he’ll have her any way he can.

To protect the orphans in her charge, Jacquelyn has to see the new baron suitably wed to a lady of quality. A few lessons in courting should do the trick nicely. But she forgot one thing.

What a pirate wants, a pirate takes…