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Linda & the WerewolfI first met Linda Thomas-Sundstrom back when we both wrote for Dorchester. Since then she’s authored books for Kensington Brava, Amazon Montlake, and Harlequin Nocturne, all in the paranormal romance genre. As you can tell from her pic, Linda’s pretty comfortable with the woo-woo world. Her new series of Urban Fantasy novellas is Dark vs, Light, and this month’s release is the quirky page-turner Hot Holiday.

I had a chance to catch up with Linda lately and YOU get a chance to listen in on our little cyber-chat.

Mia: Hi, Linda. Thanks for visiting with us today. So my readers can get to know you a little better, I’m going to ask you a few questions. Let’s start with a writer staple: If you could be anything but a writer what would you want to be?

Linda: Well, I’m a teacher also at two colleges, have a family, and am the caretaker of some acreage in the country. Since I have two or three professions at once, I keep very busy, and can’t imagine changing that. I love it all.

Mia: We used to live on an acreage in Wyoming and kept lots of critters, so I know that demands plenty of time.  But writers always start as readers. What were your favorite books growing up?

Linda: I loved fantasy and gothics. In a timeline, as a kid, it was all fairies, then the Nancy Drew mysteries, and then in my teens, the Victoria Holt gothic romances made my heart flutter. I progressed to J.R.R. Tolkien and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, along with other fantasy novels, and Tolkien’s books are still my favorites, read several times over, with Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” a backup.

Since I’m a voracious reader when I have the time, I read most genres. I love audio books, because I drive a long way to and from work, and have listened to books I probably wouldn’t otherwise have had time to discover. I’ve even been known to sit in my car to finish listening to the chapter of a good book, and I’ve stopped hating red lights because it gives me more time to get into a good story.

Mia: I save audio books for road trips so I don’t have to interrupt the story except for gas! What can you tell us about your workspace/writing process?

Linda: I have a great office at home that’s full of light and has a view of the valley below our house – that I absolutely do not look at while I’m trying to work (ha). My desk was salvaged from a real estate office and is too small for my computer and all my notes, but I don’t seem to shop for another. Above my desk is an original framed Tolkien poster that says “COME TO MIDDLE EARTH” . . . and surrounding it are about a hundred sticky notes with titles, dialogue, and first lines of the books I will someday write.

On another wall are some of my book covers, framed, and a huge, colorful oil painting by an artist I love. The rest of the room is taken up with bookshelves, though I have piles of books everywhere else, too.

My writing process is this: Find the time, and go to it.

I have tight deadlines, and not a lot of long-stretches of uninterrupted time to work. Therefore, I have to write what I love. And that’s Paranormal. Immortals, Werewolves, Spirits . . . are prime fodder for my creative side. I have a laptop, but find that writing works for me here in my office, rather than anywhere else. My Muse doesn’t follow me around the city, or on vacation. I sit down when I can, and start right in. I edit as I go, so that I don’t do draft after draft. I’m a perfectionist, and turn in clean manuscripts. I feel stressed when I can’t find time to write, since for me, writing is bliss.

Writing BuddiesMia: I know the feeling. Creating a fictional world is like a relief valve. And I’m seriously envious of your writing office. In our condo, I have a writing chair, usually filled with my little writing buddies. But I digress… Strange things happen to writers and we love collecting those experiences. Tell us something funny or embarrassing that has happened while on tour for your book

Linda: I’ve spoken at the famously huge San Diego Comic-con a few times, and have had as many as 2500 people in the audience. It was quite nerve-wracking the first time. As a Conic-con speaker virgin, I walked down a long hallway looking for my room, and saw lines of people sitting down against the walls – quite the norm at Comic-con. I figured they were waiting for someone in a room along that hallway . . . and asked a room monitor at my door what they were waiting for. She said “YOU, my dear, and your panel.” Well, I about fainted. And that, my friends, is the not only the strangeness of being an author, but an example of the beauty of Comic-con. People there support the arts, and love to try new things. Those are my kind of people.

Mia: Sounds like a wonderful/scary experience. What is the hardest thing about being an author?

Linda: Being vulnerable and hoping that people like my work.

Mia: Amen. What is the best thing about being an author?

Linda: Seeing my books on a shelf, and hearing from readers who like my work. There is nothing better than connecting with readers! It rocks my world.

Mia: I so agree. It’s lovely to hear from readers. It completes the circle of creativity. We deliver ink on the page and the reader’s imagination breathes life into our story. Do you have a playlist of songs you listen to when writing?

Linda: I need complete quiet in order to hear the Muse when she sings.

Mia: Do you prefer to write during the day or during the night?

Linda: With a family, I write during the day when I can. Night-time is family time. We howl at the moon together.

Mia: Based on your picture, I believe that! LOL. Tell us something about yourself you consider to be unique?

Linda: I was a dancer, (contemporary dance), and that has carried over to my writing. I write in rhythms, breaths, and beats. It matters to me what line my page ends with, and how my sentences sound. I guess I’m still dancing when I type . . .

Mia: I can relate. As a trained soprano, I love it when my prose “sings.” Anything else you would like to say to the readers reading this post?

Hot HolidayLinda: I have two novellas in this new Dark vs Light series. Trapped in Stone, and this month’s Hot Holiday. I’d love for you to try this one . . . Hot Holiday is a quirky urban fantasy about a Recruiter for the Dark Side named Wanda who is sent to take down Santa Claus while he’s in New York, and isn’t prepared for Santa’s hot, heavenly bodyguard.

Who would imagine that the Dark Side’s voluptuous secret weapon might meet her match in an . . . attorney?

Mia: Love the cover! Here are the buy links:

Kindle | ARe | Nook

And now for our lightning round:
– Favorite Food?
Animal cookies
– Favorite Vacation Spot? Colorado
– Favorite TV Show? “Justified”
– Favorite Paranormal? (witch, vampire, zombie etc) Immortal
– Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? Tea
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Don’t eat ice cream! (I know!)

Thanks for having me, Mia! I’d love to hear from those of you reading this. Connecting truly is what writing is all about.

Cheers for now,

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19 thoughts on “Hot Holiday

  1. Alexisa N. says:

    Linda and Mia thank you. I do have an over active imagination….at least going by some othe deeams I’ve had.But as for when I’m awake books like yours are needed and very much appreciated. Thanks for the behind the scenes looks its always nice to know about our writers, and then you go throw a giveaway in as a cherry. :-D

  2. Hi, Linda. It’s interesting that you chose immortals as your favorite paranormal element. Immortality sounds like nothing but fun until you really think about it–lots of philosophical questions lurking there. Intriguing how your experience as a dancer relates to your writing. That must add a different dimension–thank you for sharing that.

    1. Hello Sorchia – thanks for the great question.
      My books about immortals always deal with pertinent questions about immortality, pros and cons. There are a ton of cons, and these guys know it.

      My Vampire Moons series is about knights of the Round Table who were undefeated in battle and unearthly beautiful… because they were unearthly. And all 7 of these immortals have come through time continuing their quest regarding the holy Grail. When present day women find these beautiful beings. . . it opens up a lot of deep emotion. Those books are dark and deep, and I love diggin in.

      Then again, I flip all that with my goofy side = ala “Veronica and the Vampire,” where the immortal is still hot, but the heroine is well…. girly and goofy.
      Sometimes, we just need laugh.

      Happy Thursday!

  3. Sheryl N says:

    Great interview. My question for you both is do you have a favorite holiday?

    1. Oh yes….. Christmas rocks! I still love the idea of Santa Claus – hence this story. Hmmm….
      And it’s coming up, so I am very happy.
      Thanks for the question, Sheryl.
      Have a great Tuesday.

  4. bn100 says:

    Informative interview

  5. I just love that picture of you, Linda! And I share your love of the paranormal. Even when I mean to write a story without it, it tends to creep up on me and edge its way in.

    Hot Holiday sounds like a hoot. ;)

    1. Hello Barbara, another Dorchester sister. Happy to hear from you. Yay. And you know, I’m the same way. I try to write something un-supernatural, and within the first five pages, there it is… a shadow, or a gothic moon. LOL. But so you know, I am writing a contemporary right now for Harlequin, and managing so far to not drop one single werewolf in.

      1. Mia Marlowe says:

        But I bet you imagine one just around the corner, don’t you? ;-)

        1. Oh yes, Mia. Weres are the new black. LOL

  6. Marcy Shuler says:

    I had to chuckle, Linda, when Mia commented on your comfort level with the “woo-woo world.” And also at the sound of a recruiter from the dark side being sent to take down Santa Claus. :D

    1. Hey Marcy…. thanks for the ear. This Dark vs. Light series is another world for me, and very inspiring. And of course, I have that OTHER side, the quirky side that loves to come out now and then. Sometimes, I just have to laugh.
      Happy Monday!

    2. Mia Marlowe says:

      My first crit group was filled with writers who were big on paranormal and they called it their “woo-woo world.” I thought it was cute.

  7. Cate S says:

    This was really great, I appreciate your sharing how your lives affect your writings!

    1. Thanks for listening in, Cate. Hope your Monday is a good one.

  8. Mia Marlowe says:

    I am inspired by art. One of my heroines leaped off a Pino canvas full blown in my head. I knew from the way he painted her who she was, what was important to her and what lengths she’d go to in order to protect those she loved.

  9. Thank you for the interview, Linda and Mia. I can relate to many of the topics you brought up.

    Here’s a question for both of you, and anyone else who writes. What are your main influences? Not necessarily particular books, types of books, or authors. These influences can be from other media/arts, real life, or people you’ve known.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Mary Anne. Thanks for the wave! Happy Monday! Great question. Influences for me are titles. I hear a title in the ether and write it down. As soon as I do – BAM! A storyline presents itself. Sometimes I see an ad in a magazine and that triggers a title as well. Usually, though, it’s the title that sells it to me… and I’ve been very lucky to have had all of my titles accepted by my publishers.
      Cheers –

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