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Welcome to the Rock*It Reads Heating Up the Holidays Blog Hop. There are 15 stops on the blog tour. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the greater your chances of winning the grand prize, a $75 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and a huge collection of books from the authors of Rock*It Reads. Smaller prizes will be available at each stop along the way.

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Lord of Devil Isle

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While plenty of my heroes are Regency lords, I have a few who may be classed as commoners. But the fact is, they’re anything but common.

My latest release is Lord of Devil Isle and Captain Nicholas Scott is an alpha to the bone. While Bermuda has  a governor, Nick is the man many islanders look to for practical leadership. Respected and feared by men, adored by women, he doesn’t expect his heart to be ensnared by the young lady he rescues from a foundering ship. He also never expects to be caught up in the Revolutionary War Powder Steal scandal, but he values the good of the island over his personal wealth and well-being.

My Lady Below Stairs

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Since we’re talking about heating up the holidays, I need to mention My Lady Below Stairs, my Christmas novella. The hero in this story is the brawny head groom, Ian Michael MacGarrett. When the story opens, he’s just been offered the position of man-of-all-work at a country estate. The job comes with a tidy cottage, and he wants to spirit Jane Tate, the scullery maid he loves, away from the city and into his country nest. But when she gets the chance to impersonate her well-born half-sister, Jane has  a chance to become a ‘lady’ in truth. Will Ian Michael let her slip away from him into the glittering world of the bon ton?


What’s the most important alpha trait a hero can have? Share your thoughts on that or leave a comment or question for me and you’ll be entered win one of my 4 prizes:
* $15 gift card (winner’s choice of Amazon or B&N!)
* Lord of Devil Isle
* My Lady Below Stairs (2 winners will be chosen!)

In addition to the blog hop prizes, as long as you’re here on my site, be sure to enter my ongoing contest. That drawing will be held on Dec. 31st and the winner will receive: Lord of Devil Isle PLUS my entire Touch of Seduction series–Touch of a Thief, Touch of a Rogue, and Touch of a Scoundrel.

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101 thoughts on “Heating Up the Holidays!

  1. Booksie says:

    An alpha needs to make the tough choices and stick with them, no matter what others say or think!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  2. Tina B says:

    I think the most important trait an alpha can have is loyalty. Though I do love all of the alpha traits! ;)
    I love your covers!
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    trb0917 at gmail.com

  3. anna says:

    I really don’t have one specific thing I look for. I love all the different types of heroes. I can’t even say I want them all to be honest and good because then there’s heroes like Kresley Cole’s Lothaire who I LOVED but is kinda questionable on both fronts :) LOL.


  4. SheriV says:

    Protectiveness is the most important alpha trait.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  5. donnas says:

    Strength mixed with the ability to be taken care of as well

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  6. Lisa W says:

    I love to see humor and confidence!


  8. winnie says:

    The most important alpha trait a hero can have is the tender and gentle side of him that may only be reserved for the heroine alone :)

  9. Sandy says:

    Loyalty and confidence.

  10. Theresa Newbury says:

    The picture of a soldier saving the kitten comes to mind. No matter how macho/dominant there is a nurturing heart under it all.

  11. Jeanne Miro says:

    Hi Mia!

    After being married for 42 years to my very own Alpha Male I can definately and without reservation say that their undying devotion and their putting others before themseles is one I’ve loved for every minute of every day that I’ve been married.

    I’ve discovered over the years that an Alpha male is like a lion in his devotion to his family and taking care of those “under his protection” while also caring for those in his community. Their sense of justice is unwavering whether fighting to defend their country or their loved ones.

    Today of all days we should the brave alpha men and women who right now are serving their country as my own husband did for 25 years from serving in Vietnam and joining the Navy Reserves afterwards and serving until he retired for putting others before their own best interest for the great good of all.

  12. sue brandes says:

    Love your book covers. My number one trait is a sense of humor. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. mk says:

    Concern for others

  14. Laura says:

    I think the most important trait in an alpha is a protective nature. Nothing else says alpha quite like that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Anne Clark says:

    Telling the truth no matter what the outcome. The only thing you have is your word so that is what is most important trait for me in a hero.

  16. Jennifer L says:

    A deep love of family.

  17. Kat says:

    He makes a decision and than does what he said he would do. He fixes the problem without Yelling about how it isn’t his responsiblity….. He can be a Lord, a ship captian, a cowboy, a construction worker, a shifter a what ever as long as he steps up and takes care of making it right for the people around him.

  18. Sheila M says:

    They always love their families.

  19. Heather says:

    a sense of humor. =)

  20. Adria says:

    Definitely a sense of humor. He can’t be too serious or else it becomes a turn off.

  21. flchen1 says:

    Most important? Compassion–I totally love smart and tough and confident, but those without heart aren’t really someone I want to know… (His heart can be buried a little deep, but it’s gotta be there!)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  22. A sense of humor and confidence. I also like the tortured hero, but he can’t be too broody. He must also put aside his gentlemanly ways and ward off the trollops. Especially if his woman could get the wrong idea ;)


  23. Tin says:

    +1 to what Meg G. said — the Alpha Hero must know how to respect his heroine.

  24. Elizabeth H. says:

    The most important trait an alpha can have is the attitude. If you can’t walk the walk, you shouldn’t talk the talk! Love your book covers!
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  25. Meg G. says:

    It is so important that the alpha hero actually respect his heroine. Not just take advantage of her love.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Meg G.

  26. Laura D. says:

    I think I agree with confidence, courage and smarts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. May says:

    Confidence is very sexy. :)

  28. kym amaral says:

    I agree that compassion, and sense of humor are the traits I look for :)

    Thanks ~

  29. lisa b says:

    Compassion and protectiveness.

    Lisa B

  30. Linda says:

    Intelligence & compassion. All brawn & no brain is a total put off.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      So true. I love the bit in THE BIG BANG when Penny shows up at Leonard’s door, calls him a rat-b******d and tells him he’s ruined her for stupid guys.

  31. Stephanie says:

    Hi Mia, I think protectiveness is most important, especially when it comes to his family. There are lots of other ones too but this is the first I think of. :)


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I’m hearing a lot of protectiveness from readers. Taking note. ;-)

  32. Mary Doherty says:

    For me I love for the hero in the books I read to be wounded emotionally and only the heroine can heal him. Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Very important, Mary. We all carry these silent wounds inside us and part of why we read, I think, is to know we are not alone with them.

  33. infinitieh says:

    Trustworthiness and humor will go a long way in a hero.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Trustworthiness is key too–even if his actions are a little on the nefarious side sometimes. Bad boys have a moral code all their own.

  34. Nat says:

    A good sense of humor and respect towards the partner!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Ooo, respect! That’s a very important trait.

  35. Belinda P says:

    An alpha hero must have a sense of humor. Willing to laugh at himself. Great hop.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Belinda. Glad you’re having fun.

  36. Ann S. says:

    I like my heroes to be confident and a little possessive. I like that they will defend what is theirs no matter what. It is fantastic what the right woman will do for them.


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I take full credit for my DH’s college degree. He was ready to get a construction job and leave academia behind. But I was headed for the university and told him “you can come if you wanna.” Guess that sparked enough of that possessiveness to get him headed back in the right direction.

  37. Cris says:

    I like my heroes a little beta, so I find that intelligence & humour temper that alpha overbearingness just right.


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      My critique partner Ashlyn Chase is all about beta heroes. I’ve been trying to convince her that not all alphas are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, but she still prefers her betas. To each her own.

  38. Timitra says:

    One of the most important traits to me is being protective, every alpha male needs that trait!


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I love the old song “Someone to Watch Over Me” for that very reason.

  39. Sue G. says:

    I like alpha’s who are a take charge kind of guy. They know what they want and then they get it. But at the same time they are considerate and loving.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Being goal driven is a good thing, IMO.

  40. Connie Fischer says:

    My perfect Alpha male would have several great traits, but to me, the most important would be a sense of humor. Without that, he would be a Dud! :-)

    Thanks to all of you lovely authors for this fun giveaway!

    Connie Fischer

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      You’re welcome, Connie. It’s our pleasure.

  41. gamistress66 says:

    hard to say which is most important, but I’ll go with compassion as that helps influence & moderate other traits such as protectiveness, strength & caring.
    gamistress66 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Compassion, hmm? I like that.

  42. Kris says:

    Ohh definetly a sense of humor and honor! I’m so making a list of books from this blog hop don’t believe I’ve read any of yours before and love new to me authors!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Well, in that case, I’m very glad you dropped by Kris. Hope you find something you like in my backlist.

  43. Susan T. says:

    I love my alpha confidence. But not overly that he’s cocky.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Moderation in all things. ;-)

  44. Dawna Newman says:

    There isn’t just one trait for me, I love the whole Alpha, that is sarcastic, broody, a tortured past and fiercely protective of those they care about as well as stubborn.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Stubbornness is ok in a guy, so long as I can kind of direct it. My DH is Norwegian, so stubbornness is sort of a given. As long has he hasn’t “set his feet” on something, I have the opportunity to harness that stubborn streak. ;-)

  45. SharonS says:

    Captain Nicholas Scott can be my alpha any day, especially if he is wet . I like my alpha confident and aggressive in the bedroom and willing to do my bidding out of. sstogner1 at gmail dot com

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Good alpha traits, Sharon!

  46. Mia Marlowe says:

    Hollie, I’m so glad you loved LORD OF DEVIL ISLE! Thanks for those kind words.

  47. Hollie R. says:

    Hi Mia! I loved Lord of Devil Isle! Nick was an Awesome hero!! He was caring,brave and protective..which is what I feel all heroes should have.

  48. NicoleLaverdure says:

    Love the cover of Lord of Devil isle! A Hero must have a good sense of humor! So does the heroine, then begins the seduction game! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Me, too, Nicole. I’ve been very blessed with my covers.

  49. Barbara Elness says:

    I think the most important alpha trait a hero should have is courage – the courage to do what’s right no matter what it costs.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Especially if it costs him. Self-sacrifice is one of the most attractive traits I can think of in a hero.

  50. Heather Dubiel says:

    Most important for an alpha is to have enough sense to listen to the heroine! Thanks for the hop giveaway!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      That’s a good one, and you’re welcome! Hope you’ll pop by all the rest of my Rock*It Reads buddies!

  51. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    What’s the most important alpha trait a hero can have?

    Confidence in his ability – but not OVER confidence. He also has to have some snark and sense of humor.

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      We’ve been seeing alot of confidence listed so far. I agree. It’s very sexy.

  52. Confidence & Intelligence.


  53. ErickaS says:

    Definitely a softer side, intelligence and humor. Yea I think that covers it.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      It’s a conundrum. I want the hero to have the softer side, but I really don’t want to see it very often.

  54. Winnie Lim says:

    Intelligence is a very important trait for me. No matter how hot and sexy a man is, if he is not smart, he is out.


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Maybe that’s why I love the geeky boys on THE BIG BANG!

  55. Diana Gould says:

    Definatly a caring, tender heart. Someone who is protective without being smothering.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      There is a fine line between protective and controlling that a hero should never cross.

  56. Lori H says:

    One trait that every alpha male should have is common sense. Of course looks, sense of humor and all the other typical male traits are an added bonus :)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Common sense is oh-so uncommon!

  57. eli yanti says:

    charm, charimsa, killer smile, a bit possesive, gentle heart and care and faithful

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Speaking of a killer smile–I’ve haven’t ever seen a better one than Dennis Quaid’s in THE RIGHT STUFF. I’m enjoying his tough cowboy sheriff character in VEGAS, but he doesn’t get to smile often enough.

  58. blodeuedd says:

    I want him to be protective and caring :)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Protectiveness is important. I always think one of the best masculine traits the ability to care for those who are weaker.

  59. Karen H in NC says:

    Honesty and integrity are important as is (a touch of) humility…but not too much! We wouldn’t want to knock him too hard on his arrogant arse! LOL

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      But it’s hard to be humble when a guy is so terrific!

  60. Lisa w says:

    Confidence and a natural leadership ability. The inner strength to do what needs to be done, but they also need a little humor and some part of them is always vulnerable no matter how hard they try to hide it!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      It’s hard to underestimate how important it is that a hero be a leader. Thanks for your comments, Lisa.

  61. Julie Kornhausl says:

    I love when a hero will sacrifice himself for those he loves (regardless of what the outcome may be).

    Mia – I absolutely LOVED Erinsong and Maidensong plus your collaborative books with Connie Mason! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

    ~Julie K

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my Songs of the North books. DRAGONSONG, the last story in the series will be coming in 2013. ;-)

  62. Allison Edney says:

    Oooh I love an upstairs downstairs story, especially for Christmas. Can’t wait to read them both!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Allison. It was fun to write my commoner heroes and heroines.

  63. Melody May says:

    He doesn’t let anyone control; he is his own man. He tends to make the rules.

    1. Mia says:

      And he generally doesn’t give a darn what anyone else thinks about it either! ;-)

  64. DebraG says:

    I think confidence is important.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Agreed. Confidence is good for both heroes and heroines.

  65. Shakespeare says:

    Honestly, a touch of vulnerability is important, too. If a man can’t show any weakness, he doesn’t feel real to me.

    BTW, I just read Touch of a Thief–so fun! Can’t wait to read your other books!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I remember the first time I saw Raiders of the Lost Arc. I was intrigued by Indiana Jones when he managed to escape that first death trap, but then when he admitted to “hating” (read: ‘being afraid of’)snakes, I was totally captivated. If a guy has no chinks in his armor, he doesn’t need anyone–not even the heroine.

      I so glad you enjoyed TOUCH OF A THIEF! Hope you love the rest of the Touch of Seduction series.

  66. Pamk says:

    intelligence and a sense of humour are my two favorite things in an alpha

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Absolutely and if the humor is slightly self-deprecating, so much the better.

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