Having a Bad Hair Life

Harry I acquired a wire-haired Dachshund on my recent trip to the midwest. Prince Harry is settling in quite nicely and adapting to urban life very well. However, now that New England has skipped over spring entirely and launched into its full-blown humid summer, the poor little guy is suffering more than usual from his unruly coif.

It’s time for a trim.

But I’m new to the world of doxies. Is it kosher to give him an all over buzz cut? Does he need to have eyebrows and whiskers left a la Scottish terriers? What about “poodle feet” to keep him from dragging in excess grass and dew? My sister used to paint his nails, but somehow hot pink polish doesn’t quite go with his funny little old man face.

I’m also a bit worried about some of the problems inherent in Dachshunds. I understand we need to help him watch his weight since he’s prone to back problems (Well, duh! I still think whoever thought this body design would be good for a dog needed to have another think. Utility is one thing and I understand they were  bred to hunt badgers underground, but honestly! Any spine built this long and low is bound to lead to trouble.)

We’re supposed to keep him from using stairs. Not a problem since our condo is all on one level and our building has an elevator. But we are also supposed to discourage him from jumping.

How do I do that since Prince Harry is firmly convinced he can fly?

Harry and Mack

Can't tell if he's sitting or standing, can you?

He and Mack the Wonder Dog go tearing around the condo, leaping from our bed to the floor, down the hall, do a U-turn on the love seat, weave through the dining room chair legs and back down the hall for the next circuit. They’ve created their very own agility course! Fortunately, they only take a few turns before its time to collapse in the sun in front of the veranda door (or in Harry’s case, stretch out on the low window ledge. Oh, the advantages of being a long, lean dog!)

Anyway, if there is any dogly advice you can give me about how to care for the newest member of our family, I’m all long floppy ears!

6 thoughts on “Having a Bad Hair Life

  1. Mia Marlowe says:

    Our daughter has a lab/husky mix who always gets a mohawk for summertime. She’s quite fierce looking when that row of hair is raised and the rest of her is all but naked. However, she feels sorry for herself right after her trim unless everyone tells her how pretty she is. Dogs with egos. Who knew?

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Touch of a Thief, Barbara! I loved writing it. Viola and Greydon are near and dear to my heart. I like to imagine them off having adventures on their own.

  2. Barbara Britton says:

    Hi Mia,

    I don’t know much about doxies, but can sympathize with the hair issue–I have a collie and summer just swept into Wisconsin.

    Went to B&N on Friday and there was Touch of a Thief face-out with your lovely cover. Bought it and read it in one day. Now, I’m re-reading. I absolutely loved Viola and Greydon!

  3. Jena Lang says:

    I won’t allow my doxies in my bedroom when I’m not at home. I close the door when I go out to keep them from jumping on and off the bed. When they do get on the bed, I lift them down before they can jump. Per the vet, I measure out their food and limit treats to twice a day. My doxies are smooth-haired and don’t need to have their fur trimmed. You might do some research online to see what’s appropriate for your doxie, or ask the groomer.

    Have fun with your Prince Harry!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      When we leave the condo, Harry goes into his cage. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s a nice, well-ventilated, airline approved crate. It even used to have a pillowed bed in it until Harry killed it and yanked out all the stuffing (hence, the reason he’s in the cage when he’s left to his own devices.;-))

  4. Maria says:

    Prince Harry is very cute and I don’t know alot about dashies but my grandmother had one and yes – you do have to watch their weight. I do believe she kept “Ginger” trimed during the summer but your dog groomer should know what is best for your region and what most other dashie owners do so I would recommend asking them or even your vet.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Maria. He has a June 8th appointment with the vet. Then he’ll have a trimming of a different sort, which I’m sure he won’t enjoy much, but it will make him a good pet. And less likely to want to hug every leg he passes…

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