Handsome is as Handsome does...

My DH and I recently went to see the movie BATTLESHIP. This show has been almost universally panned by critics and if you’re looking for a “thinking movie,” you should rent BLOOD DIAMOND. But BATTLESHIP is a fun, feel-good waste of a couple hours. Don’t get me wrong. I recommend seeing it. After all, when was the last time you went to a movie where the audience breaks into spontaneous applause?

But I wasn’t wild about the hero I was supposed to like, even though he was easy on the eyes. While I don’t mind a hero who starts out as a bit of a jerk–after all, he needs to have a growth arc, doesn’t he?–Hopper was a rebel without a reason. I have no idea why he was still such a child at 26. He made stupid (read “immature”) choices and once he’s faced with the responsibility to lead, he’s reluctant to take the reins for far too long for my taste. Finally, he’s forced into it, but I never got over the feeling that he was looking for a way out. He lacked the confidence I look for in a hero.

Gregory D. Gadson

A Real Life Hero

By contrast, there was a real-life hero in the cast as well–Gregory D. Gadson–who plays Mick. Gadson is a West Point grad who’s served in the military in every major global conflict over the past 24 years. In 2007, he lost both his legs in Iraq. In the movie, he starts out understandably down about his life. But when this man who straps on his legs is confronted with aliens invading his planet, his warrior’s heart shines through. When he says, “I got this,” I totally believe him. There is confidence in him that a leader needs.  He’s my hero.

The Mighty MO

The Mighty MO

And of course, I enjoyed seeing the USS Missouri again. When we were in Hawaii, Kim from the SOS Aloha blog told us that when the battleship was taken out into the open ocean to film some of the scenes, the Coast Guard called the foundation to tell them their museum was running away.

So go see the movie. It’s total escapism. When you do, be sure to stay through all the credits. There’s a little snippet at the end that makes the wait worthwhile.


Now it’s you’re turn. Have you seen BATTLESHIP? What’s your take? Have you seen another movie lately you enjoyed?

4 thoughts on “Handsome is as Handsome does…

  1. LOVED IT! I agree it is two hours of mindless entertainment … but military families will get some of the inside jokes.

    Plus it was filmed in Hawaii with two heroes – Greg Gadson and Mighty Mo.


    I love that man!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      His real life resume is incredibly impressive. He made the movie for me. Loved when he motivated that geeky little guy to find his courage by threatening to break off one of his titanium legs in the guy’s backside! LOL!

  2. Cate S says:

    I always stay til the end of the credits.. but I sure wish they would not run them sooooooo faassssssstttttt!!!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      What is a Best Boy anyway?

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