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The lines between genres are sometimes blurry. I always try to add a dash of mystery and adventure to my romances. My guest blogger, Kate George, also colors outside the lines with her “mysteries with a side of laughter.” Please welcome Kate to Read, Write, Love.

Bad Boys

I am a major Gleek. Every Tuesday I drive over to my friend’s house to watch Glee with her family because I live out in the sticks and we don’t get that channel at my house. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Noah Puckerman, the Bad Boy of the show. Finn, the good boy, holds no fascination for me. He has a weak chin and is perpetually confused. He tries to do the right thing, but often gets it wrong the first time around. That kind of good-natured bumbling irritates me. I liked Finn in the beginning, but now – he kind of annoys me. Sorry Finn.

Ah, but Noah, now there’s a different story. He’s not my usual type. For one thing he’s a teenaged boy and (let me be clear here) nothing about teenaged boys is remotely interesting in other than as a friends of my kids’ kind of way. But Mark Salling who plays puck is twenty-eight years old. Very much NOT a teenager.  I may be a little touchy on this point, but it’s because my day job is in a school. It would be in VERY BAD TASTE for me to be crushing on a teenaged boy.

So instead of Puck (Noah Puckerman) let’s talk about Mark Salling in his role of Puck. Mark plays an attractive, in a dark kind of way, juvenile bad boy. He cheats with his best friend’s girl. He slashes tires. He gets in the other student’s faces. He has a pool cleaning business, which he uses to hook up with women of all ages. This man-boy likes him some women and not much deters him from what he wants.

But he also has this disconcerting streak of honor. He refuses to cheat on his friend more than once. Okay, that didn’t sound good, but it does show he has a conscience. He’s willing to support his baby. He’s willing to take one for his friends. Mark as Puck is a bad boy with a heart. And, other than the singing – they all sing like there’s no tomorrow, he’s the only guy on the show that does a thing for me.

Will Schuester is plain creepy, and the rest of them, well, are just teenaged boys. And like I said – friends of my kids. Come to think of it, most of the adults in Glee are creepy. They’ve got the kinds of problems that would keep them out of most schools I know of.

Back on track here. What is it about a bad boy that is so attractive? I know that there is the hint of danger, as women we tend to find that exciting, but there’s more than that. There’s the idea that if I was to become the object of his attention that the focus would be entirely on me. At least for that moment. And if you had a problem the bad boy would take care of it. Just because he could.

I’m a grown woman and perfectly capable of taking care of my problems, it’s just that I wouldn’t have to. There’s something charming about that. Add in the danger and the sexuality? Oh yeah, I could get behind that. At least for a day or two. But don’t send Mark Salling to my door. I’m pretty sure my husband would not be happy – he’s probably harboring the delusion that he’s a bad boy. Sorry honey…

California Schemin'Award winning writer, Kate George, is the author of Moonlighting in Vermont and California Schemin’ (due out March 1, 2011). She lives in Vermont with Dogs, kids, and currently, snow. You can reach her at Her books are available at, or can be ordered from any bookstore.


Thanks for being my guest today, Kate.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in on the question of bad boys, or gleeks, or any question you’d like to ask Kate about her humorous mysteries. A random commenter will receive his/her choice of a print or an ebook version of California Schemin’

16 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Giveaway!

  1. Desere Steenberg says:

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question I appreciate it and I just loved the answer facinating !!

    Best Desere

    1. Kate George says:

      You’re welcome, Desere, anytime!

  2. Kate George says:

    Okay, where to start. How did I get started writing… I grew up writing. Poetry, short stories, and journals. I used to stand in the public library and imagine my name on the spines of the books. Of course my name back then was McIlvaine, it is so hard to spell and pronounce that I stuck with my married name.

    I wrote a novella in my twenties. It was so awful that I quit for a long time. For about fifteen years I concentrated on raising my kids, and also dabbled in other kinds of art. Then one day I was talking about Janet Evanovich to a couple of friends. And this is where I put my foot in it. I said I could write a book like One For The Money. So of course my friends dared me.

    I wrote the book and beyond all odds it was published. That book is Moonlighting in Vermont.

    As to why I write mysteries – I think I write mystery because I grew up reading mystery. It’s one of those things I can’t explain, I just always enjoyed them. Still do.

    1. Mia says:

      Sometimes it’s important to put your dreams out there and share them. A friend is one who can be counted on to double-dog dare you to go for it!

  3. Dalton Diaz says:

    I love Puckerman! I’m a total Gleek – the whole family watches – but I don’t agree that Will Shuester is creepy. The one who annoys me is Quinn. She’s whiny and always sounds congested.

    1. Kate George says:

      Yes, Quinn is whiny! But some of the stuff Will Shuester says makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!! I guess it’s just a matter of taste. Thankfully there are enough characters in Glee to make everybody happy.

  4. Sheila says:

    Bad boys-where would we be without them? They always make the show. You have to admit it’s the bad boy (or girl) that brings you back and whose storyline you live for on shows or soap operas. I’ve never watched Glee, just some YouTube videos, and my sister will play the soundtrack in the car occasionally. How do you bring humor into your writing using the bad boy?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I think bad boys/girls are alluring because they do what I wish I had the nerve to try!

  5. Desere Steenberg says:

    Hi Kate and Mia

    What a stunning post thank you so much for sharing it with us ? My question I have is what inspires your writing ,is it real life situations or just dream up stories ? I have always adored reading and I always wonder how do they come up with it ??

    Best Desere
    ps thank you so much for the stunning contest !

    1. Kate George says:

      Hi Desere,

      My stories are mash-ups of real life and wild imagination. The details – sliding cars off roads, riding motorcycles, the animals all come from my life.

      The story lines just pop out of my imagination while I write. I try to have enough of both to keep it interesting.

  6. Kate George says:

    Good morning Monday!

    Hope you all had a great weekend. If you like music Glee is a great show. The story line in the second season has been a bit frustrating, but they seem to have gotten their stuff together now and the songs are making sense again.

    Without the music – well I wouldn’t be watching. It’s the music that makes it all worthwhile for me. As it is, I feel like I get to watch musical theater every week!

    Feel free to ask me anything, writing related or not. And many thanks to Mia for having me here today. Thanks for being such a gracious host!

    ~ Kate

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Ok, Kate. Why don’t you tell us about how you got started writing? What your call story is like, why you enjoy writing mysteries and such?

  7. Sandy says:

    Interesting blog today, Kate and Mia. I have never watch a complete Glee program. It’s on at the same time as some other programs I like.

    Puck sounds like my hubby as a teenager.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I well believe romance can spring forth in choirs. I met my DH when we were both singing in college. Even though I had another boyfriend at the time, I caught myself singing to the guy who would become my DH across the room.

  8. Penelope says:

    Hi Kate! Hi Mia! I am embarrassed to admit I have never watched Glee….the only show I watch on TV is Top Chef! Anyhoo, I love bad boys, but I especially love humor mixed in with romance, mysteries, suspense, all of it. Humor is the perfect, extra-special ingredient that makes any story pop! Good luck with the new release! :^)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Ok, I’ll admit it, too. Even though I was a gleek myself in high school, I haven’t watched Glee often either. The difference is my choir director had us singing the classics not doing virtual music videos complete with choralography. I learned to love Bach, Mozart and Brahms, composers the Glee kids are never exposed to.

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