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Silk DreamsJapanese Silk DreamsThis week I received a box of books from Dorchester filled with the Japanese version of Silk Dreams, one of the novels I wrote as Diana Groe.

One of the things I love about this cover is that the artist must have read the book. My epileptic heroine does indeed have one blue eye and one brown. The man who bought her in the Constantinople slave market thought it might indicate that two souls were trapped in her body.

Russian Silk DreamsSilk Dreams has also been released in Russian. This cover makes me smile because the guy is wearing a chain mail shirt. Since his chest is totally exposed that sort of defeats the purpose of the protective covering. But you can’t argue with those gorgeous pecs. My DH says it’s a good thing the guy had no hair on his chest. Otherwise the mail might have given him a rude waxing when he pulled it over his head.

ErinsongErinsong in GermanAnother of my Diana Groe books that made it into multiple languages is Erinsong, my Irish/Viking love story. It’s fascinating to see how each international publisher represents the same tale.

Here’s how the Germans see it. I love the beautiful blue tones, the sense of longing in the figures and of course, the dragonship in the background.

Erinsong has also been translated into Italian, Dutch and Spanish and Russian.

Russian Erinsong The Russian cover for Erinsong is the only one that mystifies me a bit. We’ve got a medieval-looking lady before a Van Gough-esque landscape. Not sure how that says Irish Vikings, but I love the bright colors.

I have a limited number of Spanish, German, Dutch and Japanese books, but I’d love to give them away to libraries who may have readers who are looking for stories in those languages. If you are a librarian, please drop me an email with your snailmail information. If you’re not a librarian, please let your local library know about this offer.

Thanks so much!

Back to my epileptic heroine in Silk Dreams… She was sold into slavery because her family believed she’d been witched. Have you ever read a romance where the hero or heroine struggled with a disability or condition that made their lives more difficult than most?

2 thoughts on “Going Global

  1. Nynke says:

    The heroine’s face on the new Japanese cover is very striking! If you see her like that, it’s not hard to imagine that people would have been startled into believing her eye color was linked to some kind of witchcraft. Although I used to have a kindergarten teacher with eyes like that, and they were pretty easy to get used to…

    1. Mia says:

      I had a friend when I was a kid who had one blue and one brown eye. I thought it was fascinating.

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