Fun Facts

Mia has done 9 of the 10 things listed below. Can you guess which ones are true and which is the bald-faced lie?

  • graduated summa cum laude from the University of Northern Iowa
  • sang at Carnegie Hall
  • drove a snowmachine across Yellowstone Park without freezing anything important off
  • flew in a Cessna 182 from Seattle to Kansas City and lived to tell the tale
  • has eleven years experience in teaching
  • was surprised by a barracuda while snorkeling in the Caribbean
  • has moved more times than any mortal ever should
  • has ridden an elephant. (Not recommended. Very bony spine!)
  • worked one summer on an archeological dig in Greenland
  • learned to surf in Honolulu

Did you pick out the whopper? No, she’s not telling here. What fun would that be?

Send Mia an email with your guess and she’ll let you know if you’re right!