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Distracting the Duchess in People MagazineMy friend Elizabeth Boyle sent me a note the day before yesterday letting me know she’d seen one of my books in PEOPLE magazine. I was totally floored, and wondered if Elizabeth had made a mistake. So I hoofed it down to the Walgreens and flipped through the PEOPLE on the rack and sure enough–there was  Distracting the Duchess  on page 64 of the Best of 2010 issue.

I’m tickled pink about seeing one of my books in a national magazine. Makes me feel like I opened a Christmas gift early.

We’re celebrating the holiday today because our daughter is working on Christmas day. After presents and a turkey dinner, we’ll go to the Christmas Eve service at our church.

How will you be celebrating?

14 thoughts on “File This Under Fun!

  1. MiaMarlowe says:

    Well, Ashlyn, based on your Christmas gift, I’d guess you were a very good girl last year, but then I know you so I know better! ;-)
    See you Wednesday for critique!

  2. Ashlyn Chase says:

    That is SO COOL! I totally loved tha book and I hope the cover entices more to read it.
    Ash*who just received a Nook color from Santa!

  3. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks, Sandy. Yes, I’m definitely doing flips.

  4. MiaMarlowe says:

    Shannon–Thanks, my friend. Just popped over to check out your website and saw that you had a recent release from Carina! Congratulations.

  5. MiaMarlowe says:

    Edie–I do feel incredibly blessed.
    Our family often goes to the movies on Christmas Day. I still remember standing in the rain in Seattle waiting to see one of the Lord of the Rings flicks. Good times.

  6. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks, Christie! I can hear you adding “You b*tch!” in that loving way you have. (Private joke, folks. Christie and I are the best of buds.)

  7. MiaMarlowe says:

    Gillian-Glad you missed the ice. I’d always rather see snow myself. Merry Christmas!

  8. Sandy says:

    Marvelous, Mia. I would flip, too. lol

  9. Shannon McKelden says:

    That is TOO awesome! I have actually checked out books a few times when I’ve seen their covers in ads for readers. You’re sure to get some sales from that!

    Happy holidays, my friend! I hope 2011 is your best year yet!

  10. Edie Ramer says:

    OMG!!!! The publishing gods love you! Congratulations! We’re going to see a movie today and I’ll be wrapping presents. Tomorrow we’ll breakfast with my son’s family and then we’ll go to my in-laws in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to all of it.
    I hope your holidays are wonderful.

  11. Christie Craig says:

    That is so cool, Mia!!

  12. Gillian Layne says:

    Congratulations on the magazine mention!!
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas! We’ll be finishing up in the kitchen. And it looks like we dodged the ice, so maybe run a few more errands.

  13. MiaMarlowe says:

    Sounds like you have a full day planned! We used to let the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve too. It was too hard to wait for all of us! Merry Christmas!

  14. Eliza Knight says:

    That is an awesome early Christmas gift!!! We’re going to spend the day wrapping and getting ready for our guests who will be arrivbing tomorrow, and this evening we will go to the young children’s service at our church, they do a great job to make it interesting for the little ones and show them what Christmas is all about. After that, we’ll have dinner, and every Christmas Eve we open one present–new Christmas PJ’s :) Have a great time today! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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