Feeling Lucky?

I hope you are! As wives, mothers, daughters and friends, we’re always putting others ahead of ourselves. Here’s a chance for you to do a little something for yourself. There are several terrific chances to win my books from my publishers right now. All it takes is a little time to take my mini blog hop and leaving a comment at each stop to enter.

Touch of a Scoundrel

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First, visit Mina’s Bookshelf. She gives a 4.5 Star review to Touch of a Scoundrel. Here’s a sample of her observations:

“I really liked this historical romance novel, with all its emotional complexity. I am not a big fan of love triangles, but the plot, enriched by a light paranormal twist, was original and captivating. I loved Mia Marlowe’s writing style, her prose always elegant and eloquent, her descriptions exquisitely vivid, the sensuality incandescent and yet tasteful.”

Touch of a Thief by Mia Marlowe

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Now because this is the final novel in the Touch of Seduction trilogy, Kensington is offering a print copy of Touch of a Thief, Book #1, to get a reader started in the right order. Of course, all the stories stand on their own, but I know some of you like reading series in the order in which the books were written. So make Mina’s Bookshelf your first stop on this mini hop.

We all love to be first. Here’s your chance to be one of the first to read my upcoming Waking Up with a Rake, a book that won’t hit the bookstore shelves till January 2013. It’s Book #1 in the Royal Rakes series. Sourcebooks is giving away 20 copies, so your chances of winning are better than in most giveaways.  Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about

Waking Up with a Rake

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Waking up with a Rake:

“Mason and Marlowe’s dual effort is the first book in their Royal Rakes regency series. With the “Hymen Race Terrific” underway in 1818 England, the Prince Regent’s three unmarried brothers are anxious to find virgin brides so that either they or their offspring can inherit the throne. In exchange for being exonerated of losing a battle to the French, Lord Rhys Warrington must seduce and deflower the heiress Olivia Symon before the duke of Clarence, one of the three potential heirs, can win her. He manages to gain Olivia’s trust, but soon feels torn between his mission and his growing love for the intelligent, unpretentious beauty. Rhys becomes her protector after discovering that she is targeted for murder. Romance veteran Mason and newcomer Marlowe serve up spicy love scenes as the backdrop to an alluring read complete with an outspoken female protagonist and a hint of mystery.”

Lord of Devil Isle

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And last, but not least on this giveaway mini-hop, be sure to enter my ongoing contest right here on my website. The Grand Prize is a combination bundle of Lord of Devil Isle, in winner’s choice of Kindle or Nook format, PLUS print copies of the entire Touch of Seduction series! RTBOOKReviews calls Lord of Devil Isle :

“Another Favorite!
The battle of the sexes is on between a prim miss and the devilishly sexy sea captain who rescues her. The story is fast paced and full of sinfully carnal passion and intriguing characters.”

So just to recap your mini-hop itinerary, please visit:
1. Mina’s Bookshelf
2. Sourcebooks Goodreads
3. My Ongoing Contest

Have fun and good luck!


3 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky?

  1. Mia Marlowe says:

    You’re welcome, Timitra. Good luck!

  2. Timitra says:

    Thanks Mia for the chances to win copies of your books!


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