Excerpts read by Mia!

I recently recorded an hour long radio program on PWR Talk Radio with my host Rowena Cherry. We talked about Georgian,Regency, and Victorian fashions. Then we wandered into the topic of real unfair history and how it sometimes finds its way into my books. Rowena asked me to read excerpts from both Touch of a Thief and Touch of a Rogue, which was lots of fun. Oh! and my mom called in the middle of the recording. Twice. I had to answer the second time, so you catch me in a totally unguarded personal moment. . .

And somehow, she got me to tell about the real life bad boy in my own family tree who gambled away his family’s house, but somehow managed to make it right!

So, if you have a little time to kill, pop over to Real Unfair History and Romance Writer! Hope to see you there!

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