Cover Quandary

One of the fun things about self-publishing my Dorchester backlist is that I can control so many more elements of the process, from title to cover design. My designer has been working on the cover for my upcoming How to Vex a Viscount (formerly Vexing the Viscount) and I’m tickled to share the art work with you while it’s still in the formative state.

How to Vex a Viscount 1

Flowing fabric?

How to Vex a Viscount 2

Rich Brocade?

I’ve already settled on the couple we’ll use to represent Daisy Drake and Lucian Beaumont. Now I have to get back with my designer about which background image I’d like her to use. Take a look and give me your feed back. Do you prefer the sinuous flowing fabric or the rich brocade?

Thanks for your help!

7 thoughts on “Cover Quandary

  1. Mia says:

    Looks like the brocade won here, but on FB the flowing fabric took the prize hands down.

  2. Ora says:

    I love the rich brocade

  3. Jennifer L says:

    I like the rich brocade the best.

  4. Cate S says:

    I’m voting for the brocade, found the flowing fabric kinda distracting.

  5. Barbara Britton says:

    I’m partial to the brocade as my eye settled on the man’s face and not the shine of the flowing fabric.

    Either way, they’re both nice.

  6. Melody May says:

    I actually like the flowing fabric

  7. Jen says:

    I like the Rich Brocade the best.

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