Each month Amazon chooses 100 titles to offer at special sale prices. I’m tickled to share that Touch of a Thief is on their Top 100 list for September. It’s on sale now for just $3.99–a whopping savings over the regular $11.90 price.

I love this story of a jewel thief who has an occupational hazard. She has the ‘gift of touch’ and is inundated with visions when she touches gem stones. Viola’s unlikely romance with Greydon Quinn, who coerces her into helping him find a magical red diamond, was great fun to write.

It was my first story with more than a brush of magic in it and led naturally to the adventures of Viola’s cousins who have a similar gift of touch in Touch of a Rogue and my newest Touch of a Scoundrel! Then there’s also the little enovella prequel Touch of a Lady that tells the story of Viola’s great-grandmother–the first one in the family with the psychometric gift.

If you are a member of a romance book club, don’t forget that I have a Discussion Guide available here on the website. The only thing more fun than an engaging read is sharing it with friends. Let me know if your club decides to read Touch of a Thief. Send a pic of your group and I’ll post it here!

If you have a FB, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest account, I hope you’ll consider sharing this link with your friends there! Thanks for helping me get the word out. Times are tough so I’m glad my book is being offered at a bargain price.

Touch of a Thief by Mia Marlowe

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All the month of May Touch of a Thief has been a featured title in the Kindle Top 100 program. I was thrilled when this book was chosen because it meant readers could download the first book in the Touch of Seduction series for only $3.99! So many people who’ve never tried my work before have written to say they loved Viola and Quinn’s love story. I’m delighted they found it.

Would you please help me spread the word? This special sale price is going away in just two days. Please share the link with your reading friends. And if you have a romance book club, I hope you’ll consider Touch of a Thief for your next group read. Discussion questions are available and I’d love to visit with your group via Skype or phone.

How to Please a Pirate

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Oh! Today I’m over at Novel Spaces telling the naked truth about pirates. I research the historical periods I place my stories in pretty thoroughly. Not all the fascinating tidbits I discover find their way into my books, but some of them are simply too good to keep to myself. I’m sharing them at Novel Spaces. Comment there for chance to win How to Please a Pirate in your choice of Kindle or Nook format.

Hope to see you at Novel Spaces!

Touch of a Thief by Mia Marlowe

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I love a good sale, don’t you? Well, here’s a FANTASTIC one! There’s a sale on for Touch of a Thief . You can buy the ebook version for just $1.99! It’s be available from:
B & N

(Update: We got off to a slow start, but as of 7:20pm Feb 13th, all the etailers are showing the correct $1.99 price. However, I was told it would only be a one day sale, so I don’t know how long the special price will be available. Hurry!)

At the end of December, Kensington ran a short sale like this, but my newsletter arrived too late for many of you to take advantage of the deal. So sorry. That’s why I’m letting you know a couple days early this time. Hope you’ll take this opportunity to share the info with your reading friends. The more the merrier, when it comes to great deals on eReads.

RegencyRomanceWriter.com gives Touch of a Thief “10 out of 10!” and Publishers Weekly honored this story with a rare starred review. I’d love to hear what YOU think!

Sins of the Highlander

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Of course, Touch of a Thief isn’t the only title of mine that’s available now. In fact, there are so many books I want to share with you, I hardly know where to start. Maybe by release date is the best way to go. Rob MacLaren and Elspeth Stewart’s love story came out in January. Heartfelt thanks to all who’ve let me know you loved Sins of the Highlander!

If you missed “Mad Rob” MacLaren’s tumultuous adventure with the abducted Elspeth, ask for it at your local bookseller or order it from all major etailers.

A Highlander, and especially a mad one, is a terrible thing to miss.


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Just this week, MaidenSong, my debut title, was reissued as an ebook. I love this story and am so excited to be able to offer it to you for your Kindle or Nook at a budget friendly price. Rika and Bjorn’s affair is not quite…safe. Here’s what RTBOOK Reviews has to say:

“From Scandinavia to the Byzantine slave markets, this steamy love story calls to mind the great mistresses of the genre: Small, Henley and Mason. Filled with forbid­den love, betrayal, redemption and hope.”

Touch of a Rogue

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And there are only a few more days till Touch of a Rogue’s release. The second book in the Touch of Seduction series will hit the bookstore shelves on February 28th, but in publishing parlance, it’s considered a March book. If you’ve read Touch of a Thief, you’ll enjoy seeing Viola and Quinn reappear briefly to help Jacob and Julianne discover the location of a mysterious magical dagger. But it’s not necessary to read the first in order to enjoy this stand alone story.

Find out why Publishers Weekly names this book one of its TOP TEN ROMANCES For SPRING 2012!

Happy Reading!