Calling All Blog Touristas!

Today is Easter Monday. I’d never heard that expression till I lived in North Carolina for 11 years. It was the first place we’d lived where a number of businesses closed for that day as well. Then when we lived in Park City, Utah, we were introduced to the July 24th celebration–the commemoration of the day when Mormon leader Brigham Young looked out over the Great Salt Lake and said to his followers, “This is the place.” In Utah, this day is as big a deal as July 4th. In Boston, Patriot’s Day receives similar treatment (and not just because of the football team!)

It seems every place has their own special holidays, their own celebrations. And every life does too. I’ve got a big one coming up tomorrow:

Touch of a Thief’s Release Day!

Cue the balloons and noisemakers! Pop the champagne! Strike up the band!

Well, I would if I could. I’m that proud and excited over this story. However, what I can do is invite you to strap on your cyber-stilettos and join me for a blog tour, my darling blog touristas. Now this won’t be the 50 day/50 blog marathon I put on a couple years ago, but I’ve got some great stops lined up for us. (And more are being added all the time!) It’s a chance for you to try out some new book/author blogs, win some freebies and hopefully be entertained for a bit!

Today I’m at Authors & Appetizers. There was no Ben & Jerry’s in the 19th century. Ever wonder what Victorians considered a decadent dessert? I’ll give you the recipe today on my guest blog.  Hope to see you there!

Check out my Events for the running list of blog stops on the right hand side of the page. Let’s have some fun!

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