Boxers or Briefs?

My blog guest this week is Jennifer Jakes, a fellow member of Ozark Romance Authors. Yeah, I live in New England, but I’m still a distance member of this Missouri writers group. Allow me  to introduce Jennifer using her own words:

“A chronic insomniac, I got used to making up stories while I waited to fall asleep. It was a lot more interesting than counting sheep. Maybe too interesting, because I started staying awake so I could figure out “what happened” to my characters. For the sake of my health, I began writing the stories on paper – during the day. So far it’s working out pretty good:)”

Glad Jennifer figured out how to use writing to cure her insomnia. I wonder sometimes how many of us turned to writing because it was cheaper than therapy! Anyway, Jen is here today to share a few choice tidbits about…


A Boxer or Brief Discussion.

Remember that commercial with Michael Jordon? I’m sure that wasn’t the first time the boxer vs brief question was asked, but it did make the question popular.

Me, I’m a rebel. I prefer boxer briefs on my hubby. You get the best of both worlds. They’re tight enough to be sexy — because I hate that baggy boxer look — and yet, they don’t make me think of panties — as briefs do — when I look at them.

And because my hubby has really sexy legs and I like the way they look in boxer briefs . . . but I digress.

The first men’s underwear was probably the Loincloth, a simple strip of material or leather. A loincloth was also used to describe material pulled between the legs and fastened like a diaper. Not a good look for anyone :( Greek and Roman men reportedly wore Loincloth.

During the Middle Ages, Loincloth was replaced by loose trouser like pants called Braies. Braies were a step-in design and laced at the waist and mid-calf. Wealthy men also wore Chausses.

By Renaissance, Braies became shorter to accommodate longer styles of Chausses — and chausses gave way to hose. But since neither Braies nor chausses were meant to be worn beneath they weren’t technically underwear.

Codpieces came into fashion when doublets (coats) became shorter and the hose alone would have left a man’s privates exposed. They were the height of fashion from the 1540s to 1590s, becoming more decorative and padded rather than just a practical covering. Braies were replaced by cotton, silk or linen Drawers which were worn for years and years and years. And years. I couldn’t find much information on how much — if any — the basic design changed.

However, in the mid 1800’s mass production of underwear began and people started to buy their drawers instead of making them at home. The Unionsuit also became popular in the mid 1800’s – 1868 actually — and had the drop seat in the back.

In 1874, the Jock Strap came along to provide support for the bicycle jockeys riding upon cobblestone streets.

The first underwear print ad ran in the Saturday Evening Post in 1911, an oil painting, not a picture. That would have been indecent! In WWI soldiers were issued button front shorts though they were often still worn with a union suit. (Which by the way became 2 pieces in 1910 – what we call long-johns).

By 1935 Coopers Inc. sold the world’s first men’s briefs, the design dubbed Jockey since it provided the support once only offered by a jock strap. 30,000 pairs of new Jockeys sold within the first 3 months of introduction. In the 1950’s manufacturers began to make men’s underwear from colored and/or printed material. In the 1970’s and 1980’s advertisers began appealing to the sexual side of selling, foregoing the long time ad practice of comfort and durability. Speaking of comfort – or lack thereof – the thong became popular in the 1990’s.

So, what do you prefer on your man? Boxer, brief, thong . . . or commando?

Thanks for the history lesson, Jennifer. I confess I never learned about this in school!

And now a treat for you all. Here’s a blurb for Jennifer’s new release – TWICE IN A LIFETIME

Be Careful What You Wish For. . .

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No-nonsense stuntwoman Isabella Douglas will do anything to stop an unwanted divorce and reclaim the happy life she had, even allow her old friend to concoct a magical spell to turn back time. But when the spell goes awry, Izzy finds herself trapped aboard a 1768 Caribbean pirate ship with a captain who’s a dead ringer for her sexy as sin husband, Ian. Convinced he’s playing a cruel joke, she’s furious – until she realizes he doesn’t know her or believe they’re married.

Captain Ian Douglas does not have time to deal with an insane woman who claims to be his wife; he has to save his kidnapped sister. But as Izzy haunts his dreams and fills him with erotic memories he can’t explain, he’s forced to admit he feels more than lust.

Trapped in a vicious cycle of past mirroring present, Izzy knows they only have days to find Ian’s sister and prevent disaster from striking a second time. If she doesn’t, their marriage will be destroyed again – along with the man she loves.

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ARe :

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38 thoughts on “Boxers or Briefs?

  1. Quilt Lady says:

    My husband is a brief guy but my son is a boxer guy.

  2. Sandy says:

    My hubby is a boxer guy, and he has great legs even at 76 years old.

    Your exceprt sounds great.

    1. Sandy says:

      Oops, I misspelled excerpt. Sorry!

  3. Hi Ilona-
    LOL! That sounds exactly like something my hubby would say.
    Thanks so much for stopping by today and happy holidays to you and yours:)

  4. Ilona Fridl says:

    Jennifer, my hubby is a bikini guy. He’s not a thong fan, because it feels like a wedgie to him.

  5. Mal Olson says:

    Jennifer, what a cool concept for your book Twice in a Lifetime. You hooked me, and I’ll be downloading it. The boxer or brief question seems to come up in romance heroine’s mind quite often in my stories. I used a play on “tighty whitey” in my debut novel to be released in March when the heroine was going to toss the hero’s undies into the wash and told him she thought she’d tidy his whities. Mal Olson

    1. Hi Mal-
      Oh! I’m so glad you liked the blurb/excerpt.
      I guess one of the good things about me being an historical author is that I don’t have to do the boxer or brief thing in my stories. They either wear drawers or go commando;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and happy holidays!

  6. Mac Crowne says:

    oops, forgot to mention I love the look of your blog, Mia

  7. Mac Crowne says:

    Fun post, Ladies. Boxer/briefs all the way. You had me smiling to learn you made up stories while waiting to fall asleep. Some of the best scenes and dialog I’ve gotten on paper came while staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep. I still plot in those twilight moments, then jump up to hit the keyboard before I lose it.

    1. Hi Mac-
      I still get my best ideas as I’m falling asleep. I used to keep a notebook by the bed, but I couldn’t read my scribbles the next morning. So now I get up and write it/type it. Thanks for stopping by today.
      Happy holidays :)

  8. Thanks for the history lesson. None of the undies look a bit comfortable. ARe these the same people that gave women the Chastity belt?
    I like the boxer briefs

    1. Hi Linda –
      You’re right they don’t look comfy. I’m so glad we have comfortable clothes now! :)
      Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays.

  9. Hi NA-
    Yes, I can’t imagine it would be comfortable. Just think of having to sit on a stone or dirt floor w/only the loincloth. :(
    Thanks for stopping by and Happy holidays!

  10. Megan Kelly says:

    LOL on the diaper comment. And that dog is Way too close to the codpiece. ICK Who wants that portrait hanging in the family gallery? Thanks for the fun.
    (Don’t enter me, as I already have this.)

    1. Hi Megan –
      Yes, that pic always gives me the creeps. In research for this post, I even found some cod-pieces with “little faces” or gargoyles on them. Gross. I would not want to be “getting busy” with any man who wore that — King or not. LOL
      Thanks and happy holidays!

  11. Always love the history lessons Jenn! Great post :)

    1. Thanks, Kellie! :)
      Happy holidays!

  12. Na S. says:

    Thank you for the fun history lesson. The loincloth doesn’t look all that comfortable.

  13. Kathryn Esplin says:

    My man wears colored bikinis. I prefer him in lo-cut red. My grandfathers wore union suits.

    1. Hi Kathryn –
      Red is a sexy color…..and perfect for the Christmas season! :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and happy holidays!

  14. DeborahR says:

    Great post! I think I prefer boxer briefs or commando!

    1. Hi Deborah –
      I always wonder if a guy chooses commando, does he worry about certain parts getting caught in the zipper?? Maybe those men choose button-fly. Hmmmm.
      Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays:)

  15. Linda says:

    Why didn’t they teach this in History at school? I certainly would have paid more attention in class then! :)

    I prefer boxer briefs too. It is me but do most men seem to have skinny legs?

    1. Hi Linda-
      I know, right? It would have been very interesting;)
      Yes, I think a lot of men have skinny legs. I don’t need muscle builder legs, but not chicken legs either! HA HA
      Thanks for stopping by and Happy holidays!

  16. Barbara Britton says:

    Hi Jen and Mia,

    The history lesson was fun and your excerpt sounds awesome. Boxer briefs are popular in our household, but apparently they don’t work well when squatting 250lbs for football conditioning (boxers can be shifted better).

    1. Hi Barbara –
      LOL- well, there you have from some experts it sounds like.:)
      I’m glad you like the excerpt.
      Happy holidays!


    BOXERS…..100% COTTON!

    1. Hi Jane –
      Cotton does feel good on the skin …better than satin or silk in my opinion.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Happy Holidays :)

  18. Hello, great post and wonderful excerpt. I am with you. I like boxer/briefs although briefs on certain men can look good. {Think David Beckham addie}. The boxer brief debate is one that rages in my head while I write. Generally speaking my heroes wear boxers but it my recently finished ms, I have my hero definitely in briefs. He has the long, lean look for it. Over-muscled men in brief – not good. Same principle applies to male swimwear. When it doubt, go for the Daniel Craig James Bond coming out of the sea look but hey – he is Danial Craig.

    Viviane Brentanos

    1. Hi Viviane –
      Oh, David B and Daniel C ….you’re a woman after my own heart :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Happy Holidays :)

  19. eli yanti says:

    Hi jen and mia

    funny ;)

    i’m prefer boxer ;)

    i really enjoy reading the synopsis of choice in a lifetime and hem.. just remind what’s my friend said “Be Careful What You Wish For. . .” ;)

    1. Hi Eli-
      I’m glad you liked the excerpt. And yes, sometimes it’s fun to wonder what would happen if we got what we wished for;)
      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

  20. Aretha zhen says:

    Sorry forgot to answer. I choose my men in thong. Men definitely looks sexy in thong. Cheers

  21. Aretha zhen says:

    Hahaha, thank you for the history lesson. This is truly spice up my dream for tonight :). Never read any of Jennifer ‘ books before, but after reading the excerpt I’m interested to read Jennifer books. Her books will be on my wanted list of the books for the end of the year. Thank you to share with us a delicious historical treats. Cheers

    1. Hi Aretha –
      I’m glad you liked the blurb/excerpt. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Holidays.

  22. Maria D. says:

    Lol…that is quite the history! I personally prefer my man in a boxer brief.
    Thanks for the short history lesson, it was fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Mia says:

      I always love the history you don’t learn in class!

    2. Hi Maria –
      Thanks. :) I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was fun research. *wink*
      Happy Holidays!

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